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        The industrial control & automation technology is changing the ways of production and manufacturing, replacing the traditional way of Industrial automation is increasing the volume of work, making work much more precise and accurate, increasing the quality and durability of the products and, most importantly, is giving factory owners the much-needed breathing space. With the rapid development of electric power, metallurgy, petro-chemistry, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, the demand for industrial PCs is rising sharply and the market has a promising prospect. Currently, NORCO’s IPC is one of the driving forces behind the innovation of industrial automation and the rapid development of a wide range of industries.


        NORCO Product Used In Sewage Disposal System


        Key Features:

        ·Low Power, Energy Saving,

        ·Waterproof and anti-shock, able to operating in various harsh environments

        ·Rich I/O to secure the data transmission

        ·Remote monitoring and intelligent control



        ·Factory Automation

        ·CNC Machine

        ·Energy, Military, Manufacturing, Coal Mining

        ·Building Automation

        ·Industrial Control Solutions

        ·Remote Monitoring System



        Products Offered for This Application:




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