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        The increasing rate of urbanization and city size put much stress on public transportation. People's daily life more and more relies on transportation networks, whether by air, sea, train, metro, bus, taxi or bike. Coming with the convenience brought by the fast growing transportation network, people also turns to pay more attention to its safety, reliability and its personalized service. To better serve customers from this industry, NORCO share with customers its transportation solutions for applications from the CCTV, AFC or PIS system in rail transportation, the vehicle mounted DVR in bus to the bike-renting systems…


        Main Features of NORCO Transportation Solutions: 

        1. Low Power, energy-saving, eco-friendly, cost effective, 7+ years life span



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        Solutions to Rail Transportation Challenges :


        Rail Transportation Projects Utilizing NORCO products:


        BIS-6550HD Passenger Information System (PIS) Solution:



        AFC Products Application Cases:


        Products available for this application:



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