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Interactive touch terminal
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Interactive Touch Terminal
Big screen All-In-One Interactive touch terminal
◆ Elegant appearance (customizable)
◆ Fan less, quiet thanks to low power + surface/circulation cooling system design
◆ Chassis has anti-theft lock function which keeps the machine or storage device save
◆ Supports LAN, WAN, ADSL dial-up broadband, Wi-Fi and 2G / 3G network
◆ Scalable photograph / camera shooting, identifies ID/smart card / bank card, bar code printing
◆ All-in-one mode: information publish + touch to enquiry etc.
◆ Unified management + centralized maintenance is surely labor-saving


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Big Screen All-In-One Interactive Terminal        

Vertical Floor Type | 42" High-defination Screen | Height: 1.8m

   Summoned by the jaw-dropping development of mobile information technology, and ever-changing business models and consumer environment, NORCO takes the lead in introducing vertical floor type, all-in-one interactive terminal. The terminal has a vertical 42-inch high-definition large touch screen and RFID reader, magnetic card reader, fingerprint reader, various sensors (temperature, humidity, light sensitive) and bar code printers, etc., provides a complete solution for man-machine interaction at banks, shopping malls, subway, movie theaters, airports and hospitals etc.

    Software Environment


Based on Android/Linux platform, back-stage release system supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server2003 and Linux, multimedia information remote release, WEB back-stage management including terminal/material/style/task scheduling/rights /system management.


As query interactive terminal, it is widely used at airports, subways, banks, cinemas and hospitals etc.

Retail & Shopping Mall


Install NORCO’s large screen interactive self-service terminals at a prominent position at Retail stores or Shopping Malls allowing consumers access to new commodities and discounts, loyalty card information, shopping card balances etc. through the terminal, you can achieve self-help gift exchange, feed shopping card with CUP card, barcode printing and many more.

NORCO’s large screen interactive terminals not only reduce labor costs, but also greatly enhanced consumers shopping experience, making it a new driving force of sales at shopping malls and Retail stores.






NORCO can provide internal proprietary network platforms for banks. Norco resorts to its large screen interactive self-service terminals to establish a set of customer self-service financial service system at business hall, the main function including: trading of financial products, UnionPay cards in real-time transfers, balance inquiries, modify password, check and print expense records and so on. Banks also can promote financial products, issue financial knowledge, e-banking, banking introduction through the system.

Today, the self-service transaction, as a branch of self-service financing system is gradually becoming another channel to modern commercial banks for customer service, not only greatly reduce labor costs, but also ease pressure both of counters and ATM machines. All in all, this terminal providing lots of convenience for customers financial activities, meanwhile, rising brand imagine and promoting corporate culture propaganda!




NORCO’s self-service terminal system makes the digitization in the library comes true. The installation of large-screen interactive self-service terminal in the library is the simplest way to modernize your library. Its main features: the users with a library card can self-serve borrow books, print barcodes, borrow details and return time.

With the RFID barcode of a borrowed book, the card holder can return the book at library closed hours through an interactive terminal system. The user even can reserve a currently not available book. This terminal definitely will enhance user experience while helps to reduce labor costs.





NORCO’s newly launched large-screen All-In-One interactive terminal can establish a sophisticated self-service system for cinema. Log on this system, consumers can buy tickets with UnionPay cards or credit cards, on-line booking, even auto-pick, consumers are also invited to select seats, browse the news of upcoming films via high-definition touch screen etc.

Main functions: Self tickets, auto pick tickets, seat selection, view movie information, share theater and movie reviews and more. Now, in the fierce competition among theaters, improve the viewing experience, create a favourable interactive platform, can surely enhance the economic efficiency and core competitiveness of theater.



    Integrated Functional Modules


General Information

1. Supports locak content, U disk or plug-in card player
2. Supports local download play: receive net program  store in the local path  loop playback, cut-in/set-time play
3. Supports live streaming &HTTP / UDP / FTP / RTP / RTSP / MMS


Control Function

1. Time switch: 5 times per day, 7 days a week free time setting
2. Set-time broadcasting: 7 days a week, free to set up a program
3. Alarm function: 5 alarms per day, serves to wake up designated programs
4. Power cut memory function
5. Time division volume: change volume based on a preset time
6. Watchdog Reset: automatically restart within 1 minute after shutdown.
7. System online upgrade: supports online upgrade+ install update software directly at terminal
8. Supports remote monitoring: check operation status, disk space, set-time broadcasting and real time monitoring terminal playback screen
9. Touch control: conduct select, input, zoom in/zoom out, slide and drag etc. on the display screen.

Playback Functions

1. Supports 1080P HD decoding playback
2. Supports MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, VOB, DAT, MPG, RM, RMVB, MKB, MOV, HDMOV, M4V, PMP, AVC, FLV visual format.
3. Supports MP3 / WMA / OGG / AAC / AC / DTS / FLAC / APE music formats
4. Supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, image playback time (3,5,10,20 seconds ...) is adjustable
5. Supports roll titles, txt forma/scrolling text, set text display position, font size, color and background color
6. Supports HTML / ASP / JSP / PHP
7. Supports time (HH / MM / SS) and weather display
8. Supports split screen function


Self-service Function

1. Man-Machine Interaction
2. Identify / read RFID device, e.g. non-contact RFID barcode device
3. Supports ISO7816, can identify / read Magnetic stripe card, including CUP card / Mastercard (needs authorization)
4. Fingerprint recognition
5. Print output, supports 80mm thermal printer + automatic cutter
6. Monitoring: any man-made attack towards machine will auto-start photographic / imaging and alarm


Other features

1. Log File functions: recording playback time (accurate to seconds), program content
2. The pre-set functions from multimedia publishing\management software


   Reserved Interface at Bottom

Model no.

All-in-one interactive terminal 


Vertical floor type, cold rolled steel base, aluminum alloy frame, stoving varnish technology (size, color optional)
Dimension: 180 cm x 650 cm x 13 cm
N.W.: 80 kg


ARM Cortex-A9 Dual/Quad cord

Display Output  

Vertical 42" LCD

Display ratio: 16:9 (LCD size is optional)
Resolution ratio: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 500 CD/m2


Audio Output   

Built-in 2-channel stereo


Built-in 4G Nand flash

Supports Micro SD

Supports USB

Supports 1 x SATA II


1 x 10/100/1000Mbps LAN

Supports WiFi,802.11b/g

Supports 2G/3G

Mode of operation Infrared touch screen,
Supports touch control
Supports infrared remote control
Supports network remote control
Expansion Interface Supports camera, automatic focusing + fill light
Supports the RFID reader (optional)
Supports for magnetic stripe reader (optional)
Supports fingerprint recognition device (optional)
Supports the thermal printing device (optional)
OS Pre-install Android/Linux system

Application Software

Supports multimedia information distribution system, terminal management software

Operating Temp.


Operating Humidity

20%~80% (no condensation)

Power supply

AC100V~240V 50/60Hz  rated power≤220W


Product Data V1.1(Version) 2015.03.03(Updated Date) Downloads

User Manual V1.1(Version) 2015.03.03(Updated Date) Downloads


  • Large Screen All-In-One Interactive Terminal

    Product data sheet
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