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        NORCO Announces New Embedded Computer BIS-6592GM

        Date:2010-01-25 09:20

        Digital signage applications in various industries and keeps increasingly develop. Its current rapid development mainly concentrated in banking and finance, school education, hotel and catering, transportation, and retail brand stores, etc. Digital signage platform provides seamless and secure integration with the enterprise networks, whether digital signage systems can meets the stable operation around the clock and allowing users to easily manage and control digital signage devices is the question that IPC manufacturers must concern.

        The embedded fanless computer BIS-6592GM based on NORCO MINI ITX motherboard MITX-6890. BIS-6592GM adopts Intel Penryn/Core 2 Duo /Celeron M processor and Intel Mobile GM45 hi-speed chipset. It integrates the advantages of low power consumption, high performance and stability, easy to expansion. It can be widely used in the field of advertising, LCD large screen, rail transportation, automation terminal system, information control and video monitoring etc. It is really the more great generation in embedded computer field.

        BIS-6592GM adopts NORCO patent "Ice-Fin"  chassis, which is fanless design,perfect cooling system, compact and easy to extent devices. Therefore, this product may be doomed that multi-purpose applications even in harsh environment.

        BIS-6592GM supprts 2x 200-Pin SODIMM DDR? 800/1066MHz, memory up to 8GB. And it supports DVI, VGA and HDMI output modes. Its high system operation performance save cost and be suitable for customer achieve multiplayer HD back play.

        BIS-6592GM has rich input and output interface. It has two serial ports, eight USB ports, one video interface and two Intel Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. It makes sure the better expansion, enlarges customers' option application. BIS-6592GM supports Intel AMT4.0 remote control and DC 12V power supply, with intelligent power management and remote control management, can shorten on-site maintain working to save cost


        Product Key Features:
        1) The stylish appearance of fanless "Ice-Fin"
        2) Adopt Intel Mobile GM45+ICH9ME
        3) With DVI,VGA,HDMI display output, support HD playback
        4) Rich I/O interface: 2x COM, 8x USB2.0 ports, audio interface
        5) 2x Intel Gigabit Ethernet Interface
        6) Support Intel AMT4.0 telecontrol
        7) DC 12V power supply

        At present, BIS-6592GM has been tested many times and started to mass production. If you want to know more, please visit: or get touch with NORCO sales:

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