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        Date:2012-08-14 10:55

        To provide customers an advanced preview of NORCO newly developed solutions that utilize Intel/Microsoft cutting-edge technologies, NORCO is planning a series of new products launches in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai from late August to early September.  

        This event takes "Networking•Collaberation•Innovation•Win-win" as its theme and Customers, Intel/Microsoft experts and media are invited to attend this multi-city roadshow. This event will integrate the new product launch focusing on Intel Ivy Bridge/Cedar Trail based new solutions, the invited speakers, the technical seminars, customer networking sections into a great hi-tech feast.


        Event Agenda:

        Shenzhen: 2012-8-23


        Shanghai: 2012-9-11


        We are ready for collaberation. We are ready to share our new innovations.

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