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        NORCO Announces Embedded Computer BIS-6622I Based on Intel Atom E6xx

        Date:2010-09-16 09:18

        (Shenzhen, 14/09/2010)-NORCO introduces the BIS-6622I----an embedded barebone based on Intel Atom E6xx processor (code-named TunnelCreek+ Topcliff) launched on 13th, Sep, 2010. The BIS-6622I is based on Norco BPC-7670---a motherboard utilizing the Intel Atom E6xx processor. It is a new platform succeeding to Menlow, but it replaces the FSB with the PCI-E. Hence it's more suitable for embedded application. Based on the high performance platform, the BIS-6622O works effectively with low-power-consumption and high integration.

        The BIS-6622I supports HD playback and video of versatile formats including MPEG4, H.263 and H.264. Besides, it could be applied to developing multi-media player by system integrator with the independent dual display function. The BIS-6622I has great compatibility and could be flexibly expanded. It provides 2 gigabits Ethernet port, 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI, 4 USB ports, 1 Line-out interface and 1 Mic-in interface. Meanwhile, the built-in aerial could be converted.

        Apart from the advantages of its system configuration, the BIS-6622I is highly appreciated for its small size which allows it to operate in tight environment.

        BIS-6622I(Front view)

        BIS-6622I(Rear view)

        1. Base on Intel Atom E6xx processor; combine high performance with low-power-consumption
        2. Excellent display performance embodied by HDMI, VGA interface and various formats playing function
        3. Support wall mounting and desktop installation; meet the VESA MOUNT standard
        4. Provide 4 USB ports, 2 gigabits Ethernet ports and WiFi
        5. Compact structure with a size of 125mm×125 mm×45 mm

        With the features mentioned above, the BIS-6622I is suitable for multi-media playing, digital signage, vehicle-mountable device and intelligent terminal. NORCO is a member of Intel ECA; the BIS-6622I based on Intel Atom E6xx platform has been critically tested and could be brought to market. For more details, please visit

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