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        NORCO Wins Intel 2011 Associate MDF Excellence Award

        Date:2012-04-18 08:57

        NORCO, a global leader in the industrial and embedded computing field, announces the very good news from USA that it won the Intel Excellence Award for Market Development Fund Co- Marketing 2011 among all Intel’sAssociate Members. Granted by Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance,this award was presented at the Intel 2012 World Wide Embedded Alliance Connections Event from April 3rd to 5th in Scottsdale, Arizona.

        Being an active member of Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance, NORCO was granted this award for its efforts and achievements in developing and marketing the innovative solutions of Intel’s new generation platforms. Since NORCO ‘s elevation to Associate Member in the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance in March 2011, NORCO has been working closely with Intel in terms of co-marketing, co-selling, co-branding and alignment in architecture and technical roadmaps. This award acknowledges those among Intel’s Associate Partners who have generated impressive marketing output and market growth in the past year.

        NORCO and Intel have worked together for many years on developing advanced and more reliable embedded computers. From becoming an Associate Member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance, to earning this “MDF Co-marketing Excellence Award”, NORCO has been recognized as a growing provider of embedded systems.In the years to come, NORCO will intensify its co-marketing efforts to drive awarness of NORCO and Intel co-branding benefit in the intelligent system market and co-work with Intel to maximize the benefit of Intel architecture based solutions for a great variety of applications.

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