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        Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency Exclusive Interview to NORCO

        Date:2011-05-05 08:59

        Recently , the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency made an exclusive interview to NORCO and the whole interview focus on the interactive talking about NORCO’s leading role in existing PRC market, its expansion to European market, products quality, R&D competence and its customized service, etc.

        In 2008, NORCO has established its subsidiary in Netherlands. In the interview, NORCO introduced this Netherlands subsidiary (NORCO Intelligent Technology (Netherlands) B.V.) and the achievement it attained since its establishment. With this base in Netherlands, NORCO is openning the gateway to European market. During these years, with the strong technical and service support from its headquarters and R&D Center in Shenzhen as well asthe support of Netherlands government and the favorable geographic environment, NORCO’s Netherlands Subsidiary has sucessfully seized a grand market share in Europe and the scale is still increasing rapidly with some authorized distributors in big European countries such as Germany. NORCO also is active in the participation of many international exhibitions held in Europe, such as CEBIT and Embedded World Nurenburg. In the future, NORCO will invest more in European market and will develop more innovative products to cater to the specific requirements from this market.

        Now, NORCO is also the Associate Member of Intel Embedded Alliance. Based on this new platform, NORCO will form a deeper relationship with Intel in European market in respect of co-selling, co-branding and co-marketing, which will help to boost the development of both NORCO and Intel in the European market.

        With all the good situations and the exclusive partnership with big companies such as Intel and Windows, NORCO is sure to play an influential role in the industrial and embedded PC market in Europe. We are looking forward to see this big success..

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