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        NORCO -Being A Focus at the Northeast Asia Expo

        Date:2011-09-23 09:45
        About the Expo

        China Jilin · Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo (shortened as "Northeast Asia Expo") is a comprehensive international and regional state-level exposition, approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Government of Jilin Province. The Exposition has been successfully held five times since 2005. With the concept of "orientating towards the world and in the service of Northeast Asia", it has gradually become an important platform for strengthening economic exchange and cooperation in the Northeast Asia region,accelerating the revitalization of traditional industries in Northeast China. It will bring various countries, regions and enterprises unlimited business opportunities for common prosperity.



        This Expo is held at Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center, Jilin, China on Sep 6th and will last to Sep 11th  2011. NORCO, as a global leading designer and manufacturer in embedded and industrial PC field based in China, is also participating in this big exhibition, carring with it more than 10 innovative embedded and industrial solutions, including embedded motherboard, full-size CPU card, embedded PC, industrial PC, ect. All these solutions will be exhibted at booth No. B031.

        NORCO Embedded Solutions Showcase

        The products that NORCO has promoted at the Expo include embedded motherboard EMB-3850, MITX-6854 and full-size CPU card SHB-890, SHB-940, SHB-890, which have been successfully applied in the security check, monitoring and intelligent parking devices in 2008 Beijing Olympic. The exhibiting Mini PC BIS-6620 series is developed around Intel's most power-efficient Atom Z510 and Z530 processors plus US15W chipset with less than 5W power consumption. The compact, fanless system with enhanced video performance makes it the ideal platform for digital signage applications, IVI in space-constrained and extended temperature environments. Besides, the BIS-6540LC for LED large screen main controller is highly appraised for its superb performance in DS field and has be used in Canton Fair as the main controller for LED display. All the solutions are characterized by the customer-oriented concepts of “one-stop shopping” and “total package, no worries” services.



        With years' experience in embedded and industrial market, many of NORCO’s products have been successfully applied in a wide fields in Changchun City, eg. Changchun Light Rail Transportation, Changchun FAW, Changchun Mechanical Science Research Institute and have beeb highly commented for its product quality and excellent service. 



        NORCO's successful participation in this year's Northeast Asia Expo is an improtant move to explore the Northeast Asia market and also received strong support from Baoan District Government of Shenzhen. During this Expo, NORCO is expect to know better the market status in Northeast Asia and customers demand there and will lay a solid foundation for further market development. NORCO’s products are expect to serve more customers from home and abroad with this new opportunity.



        NORCO is a global professional designer and manufacturer in the IPC field based in Shenzhen China and has been elevated to Associate Level in Intel Embedded Alliance. Intel is the second shareholder of NORCO. NORCO has established an integrated service network throughout Europe, USA, APAC and China and its embedded & industrial products covers embedded industrial motherboard, CPU card, industrial computer, Panel PC, firewall, storage array(inc. NAS) , industrial workstation, industrial chassis, etc and widely applied in in such crucial fields as industrial automation, communication, Energy, network security, intelligent transportation, NVR/DVR, medical care, military/aerospace industry, intelligent terminals, AI (artificial intelligence), storage devices, digital signage, car pc and 3C applications, etc.

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