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        NORCO Announces the Embedded Fanless Box PC BIS-6591 for Rail Transportation

        Date:2010-01-18 09:23

        NORCO announces the new fanless embedded computer BIS-6591, which is famous with its high performance and great stability. BIS-6591 adopts NORCO patent "Ice-Fin" chassis, and base on ATOM processor's MINI-ITX board, own low power consumption and good compatibility and device extension functions, can be widely used in intelligent transportation, electronic police, video surveillance, bio-medical, industrial automation and other industries.

        Superior Performance

        BIS-6591 adopt "Ice-Fin" design, appearance and cooling system is good, can support wall-mount and easy to maintain. It also own advantage of high performance and low power consumption. BIS-6591 base on Intel 945GSE+ ICH7M chipset, and with onboard Intel Atom N270 processor, memory is up to 2GB.

        High reliability

        BIS-6591 chassis is fully sealed, can maintain stable operation in a wide range of temperature and humidity and even 24hours work in harsh outdoor environment. BIS-6591 is suitable for intelligent electronic policy system, and can be integrated client software for electronic capture system requirements for detection, capture, control, storage, identification, transmission, integration of functions.

        Good Compatibility

        BIS-6591 has good compatibility and extended functionality, can support DVI, VGA output, Two COM, Two USB ports, One Ethernet port, support DC +12V output, provide audio input/output interface, with one Compact Flash slot, and it can extent two PCI devices. It plays a significant role in the video recording of electronic police system and signal acquisition process.

        Product Feature:
        1) Adopt NORCO patent "Ice-Fin" design, with fanless cooling system
        2) Based on Intel 945GSE+ ICH7M chipset, onboard Intel Atom N270 processor
        3) One DDRII SO-DIMM slot, capacity up to 2GB DDR?400/533MHz memory
        4) Two COM, Two USB2.0 interfaces, Built-in Compact Flash slot, Two SATA? ports
        5) Support Wall-Mount

        At present, BIS-6591 has past a variety of tests; its low power consumption, stability and reliability advantages have been recognized in the filed of electronic police, video surveillance, bio-medical and other industrial customers. Now, BIS-6591 has entered into market very well. If you want to know more, please kindly enter into: or contact with our NORCO sales.

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