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        New Arrival: Intel Atom N2800/D2550 "Cedarview" Based Mini-ITX Board For Network Security Segment

        Date:2012-07-26 10:55

        July 25th, 2012---NORCO, a leading manufacturer of embedded computer and an Associate member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, announces new industrial platform with Intel 3rd Atom Cedarview ---MITX-6934, a low profile mini-ITX board with Intel next generation Atom N2800/D2550 Processor, specially designed for network security segment. This industrial board, which features low power Atom N2800/D2550 Processor with NM10 Express chipset, optimize both processor and chipset performance, delivering next-generation technologies.


        Intel Atom “Cedarview”+ LAN BYPASS

        This is the first time that an industrial motherboard brought Intel Cedarview Technoloty to Network Security Solutions, enabling a better network security management at a much lower power consumption. Another highlight of this board essential to network security appliances is its LAN bypass feature. In the unlikely event that this device should fail, or perhaps during a power failure, the LAN bypass feature allows data to flow through passively instead of terminating at the device. The MITX-6934 also gives you the option to boot directly from a CF card, or from a standard HDD or SSD drive via the SATA II port. In addition to the 2 external, and 4 internal USB 2.0 ports, the I/O on this system includes two serial ports one via RJ45 and the other via pin-header. This feature packed embedded board is capable of supporting 64-bit operating systems, making it ideal for any network security or communications applications.




        An Entry Level Board for Newtork Security Segment

        Internet and network security is an ongoing battle. With so much confidential information taking a digital format, network security needs are at an all time high. Many networks are adopting the use of a dedicated firewall, but where do you start Enter the MITX-6934. As the name implies, this new embedded motherboard is built on the widely adopted Mini ITX form factor, enabling quick customization and time to market for small footprint systems and off-the shelf platforms. This 4-NIC slim Mini-ITX embedded motherboard with unique features like the LAN bypass and anti-virus BIOS Write Protect function to provide fault tolerance is ideal for network security appliance applications.  The option to choose either a DC or ATX power source dependent on the application of this device into your existing network infrastructure. Also offered are GPIO enabled LEDs for OEMs to further extend the customizability of this platform. Other specifications include a DDR3 SO-DIMM Slot capable of accepting up to 4GB of memory and 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports offer the board high connectivity for data processing and storage. A variety of small-footprint enclosures and 1U cases are also available for system integration.






        This small form factor board with low power Intel Cedarview plarform, equiped with BYPASS and anti-virus BIOS Protect function, offering high reliability and high connectivity, is the ready-to-use hardware platform to integrate your network security solutions in the areas that requires high data security such as banking, Telecom Operators, Government, Police, Education, Energy, Tax Service, Industry & Commerce, Social Assurance, e-commerce, etc.



        ·SSL VPN

        ·Link Load Balancing


        ·Bandwidth Manager




        ·Network Access Control

                ·Web Filter

                ·AntiVirus Wall

                ·Core Switch

                ·Server Load Balancing


                ·AAA Server

                ·IM Filter (Instant Message)



        Product Specification

        Model No.



        Intel Atom N2800/D2550


        Intel NM10


        1x DDR3 800/1066MHz SO-DIMM, up to 4GB


        AMI EFI BIOS

        Super I/O

        Winbond W83627DHG-P


        Intel 82583,10/100/1000Mbps,4x LAN

        Graphic Controller

        Intel Atom N2800/D2550 integrated Intel GMA 3650


        1x VGA, with resolution up to 1920x1200




        1x SATAII, 6x USB2.0  
        1x RJ-45 Console, 1x RS-232(DB9)




        1~255 level, trigger system reset when timer overflows




        3x SYS FAN

        Power Supply

        4Pin Single Power DC +12V


        0~60 degree celsius (Operating) -40~80 degree celsius (Storage)


        5%~95% relative humidity, non-condensing


        170mmx 170mm


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