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        Tiny but Mighty-Qseven Module Based on Intel Latest Tunnel Creek+Topcliff Platform

        Date:2011-03-28 09:17

        NORCO, a global professional designer and manufacturer in industrial PC field, has just announced the release of SOM-6670, Qseven Spec.system-on-module. The small 70 x 70 mm form factor system module with low power consumption, highly I/O integration and flexible expansion is well suited to the space restricted solutions in a variety of automation and mobile applications such as Mobile Measurement, Logistic POS and Reinforced Mobile Devices, etc.
        Based on Intel Atom E6XX processor series, this system module has the following outstanding advantages:

        Ultra-compact Form Factor

        This new system module SOM-6670 launched by NORCO conforms to Qseven Specification.Qseven, a computer-on-module (COM) form factor, is small sized and highly integrated computer module that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component. At 70mm x 70mm board dimensions, the Qseven module SOM-6670 offers the best cost / performance solution for mobile and handheld applications.


        Low Cost & Low Power Consumption

        Qseven module is smaller than other computer-on-module standards such as COM Express, ETX or XTX but is limited to very low power consuming CPUs. The maximum power consumption is limited to 12 watt.. NORCO Qseven Spec.SOM-6670 is Based on Intel Atom E6XX processor with the main frequency of 0.6G/1.0G/1.3G/1.6GHz and L2 cache up to 512KB. Onboard DDRII 667/800MHz RAM and CPU maximum power consumption of only 3.9W, which also helps reduce the cost.


        Highly Flexible Expansion

        The Qseven module transfers all the major signals and interface to the carrier board via golden fingers at the PCB edge. NORCO SOM-6670 is capable to provide 3*PCIE, 1*LPC, 1*SDIO, 1*I2C, 1*SMBUS signal, 2*SATA, 6*USB signals via gold finger expansion, which provides much flexible expansions for the system.

        *Embedded Intel Atom Processor E6XX Series up to 1.6GHz
        *Supports 512KB DDR2 memory onboard
        *Supports 3xPCIex1,1xLPC,1xSDIO
        *Supports 2xSATA, 6xUSB, HD Audio, 2xGbE

        NORCO SOM-6670 is available now, contact our sales representatives at or visit the website for more information.

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