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        NORCO take part in Intel 2009 Storage Summit Meeting

        Date:2009-12-10 09:02

        Intel 2009 China Storage Summit Meeting be held in Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel in December 10,2009. Meeting subject is“ View storage, win the world”. Many industry well-known experts and manufacturers converge summit and talked about the topic of "Data Center Infrastructure" "Information Management and security" and "Green energy-saving and sustainable development"," Cloud storage and innovative technology". On summit, many powerful manufactures did the limited promotions. NORCO Modular storage system DS-1600 and NS-520 attract many users' eyes. Our staff communicated with users and technical experts easily and effectively. And teached users how to use it and collected the users' needs; With experts to explored the high ground storage technology.

        NORCO booth in Summit

        The information explosion era, storage technology has become an effective carrier. In 2008, the global economic downturn, but the storage industry continued to growth. This session of the summit displayed storage products of the elite vendors and gathered the strength of China’s storage technology. NORCO as the leading manufacturer of China IPC, brings our representative of several products, which be described as the most innovative technologies in miniature.

        NORCO Modular Intelligent Storage DS-1660

        In the summit, NORCO's modular storage DS-1600 is the most unique one and its large store amounts of data and easy operation function win the technical experts praise. DS-1600 designed with modular and smart disk cabinets and controller modules. It is 3U standard rack-mount chassis has a good sealing against dust, heat, seismic, EMC performance. Single machine provides 16 Hard disks, can support 3.5" SAS or SATA HDD, maximum can extent 256 hard disks. With variable components , power supplies, fans brings redundancy, improve operational reliability. It can be applied to large-scale database applications, data-intensive applications, video editing, medical imaging, high-bandwidth storage solutions, DVR storage, Data Centralized storage, File Server, Remote Disaster Recovery Storage and Direct External Storage Applications.

        NS-520 can be used as a specialized NAS device and home server platform. "You can install music, photos and other files into the same center hard disk, then you can remote access it from all of your computers by network. Simplified through automatic backup and storage process to protect your files and your PC—— or connect it by Internet, or through a secure Web access method form any location to access your computer files. Its installation and use are very simple" on-site staff explained to users. Many users said this storage products is number one in the digital home application.

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