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        The Eleventh China International Hi-Tech Fair

        Date:2009-11-23 15:53

        Time :11th~21th , November,2009-11-23
        Exhibition address and booth number: Shenzhen Exhibition Center 2K42

        Exhibition description:

        Hi-Tech fair is one of the most influential exhibitions of China’s information industry, which focuses on communications, networking and computer solutions, products, technologies and service. And it widely invited a large number of influential industry decision-marker, buyer and experts. It provide comprehensive quality services and on-site pre-show publicity display environment , and strive to enable exhibitors to achieve the best exhibition results, known as” China Science and Technology First Exhibitions.

        As the first brand specialized show of CHTF, IT show accompanied CHTF for ten years IT show has always been reputed as a representation of professional, authoritative and mainstream trend, which is leading new technological development of industry and has attracted many famous domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in it. CHTF has developed into an important channel for imports and exports platforms for information technology.

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