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        Custom Designs and Services

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        Whether in the design phase or integrating a complete solution, NORCO has the resources you need to provide high-performance and highly reliable industrial automation and embedded computing platforms. Together with a diverse product portfolio, tailored ODM solutions are offered to achieve success by reducing R&D cost, shortening the product development cycle, and scaling products to meet new demands. NORCO grants complete control throughout the OEM/ODM process while being your dependable design service provider.

        Board Design Capabilities
        Having a full product line on embedded boards, NORCO's solutions include System on Modules, Motherboards, and full and half sized PCI cards. Board design comes in multiple standards sizes including 3.5 inch boards, EPIC single board computer, 5.25”boards, Mini-ITX, ATX board, PICMG, Q7 Modules and much more. NORCO also offers non-standard size board options at your finger tips to develop your OEM/ODM needs.



        Custom Box PC and Enclosure Design Capabilities
        NORCO offers a wide selection of industrial chassis from 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U Rackmount Industrial Chassis, Panel PC, 3U Compact PCl, Embedded Box PC, and fanless enclosure. NORCO also specializes in custom enclosure design and can fabricate any enclosure size/ shape and material type that can be designed. To extend brand identity in the market, NORCO provides appliance branding services with silkscreen printing, laser printing, and engraving on cases.




        Dedicated Project Management

        NORCO's team of experts in the professional field is confident to bring you added values while improving reliability, security, and performance for embedded solutions in your applications. Management that would work closely together with customers and offer market familiarity to find solution for specific applications creates intangible assets for your business to thrive. Driven and supported by experienced players, NORCO has decades of experience to offer you a competitive edge.


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