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        Research & Development Competence  

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        It all begins with research and development. In order to build viable and successful solutions, existing technologies must be surveyed, and inefficiencies must be eliminated. NORCO's Research & Development focuses its energy in determining the state of the technologies to foster ideas and layout boards with rich I/Os to bring a solution that addresses the needs of today and for the future. We partner with government, industry, academia and other community stakeholders to solve the needs of our customers while enhancing the quality of life for people everywhere.


        NORCO has more than 100 ingenious engineers with research and development background of BIOS, computer hardware design, design support/testing, and project management to enhance design cross vertical-markets and bring solutions to market quickly. As an embodiment of "never ending innovation", NORCO's R&D has been able to roll out over 50 new models every year and achieve industrial PC development breakthroughs in 5 key technologies; developing products today using tomorrow's technology

        Precise Mechanical Design: NORCO has the designer and manufacturing ability which provide the optimized solution for our customers. NORCO can turn your concept or idea to physical products in a short time.

        Custom System Design: NORCO also has the source codes of BIOS which can design and optimize the products for our customers. NORCO uses these codes to maximize the reliability and compatibility of our customers' systems.


        System Integration Capability: NORCO has the complete facilities of all the processes to serve industrial computer industry. The facilities are fully formulated by strict management of ISO9001: 2000. NORCO guarantees not only the reliability of every component, but also the compatibility and reliability of the whole system. NORCO can provide a seamless service from your vision to your market which is ensured by our in-depth experience and proven ability to create a successful product. 


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