In-house Manufacturing

        In-house Manufacturing

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        Having our own world-class in-house manufacturing facilities in Daya Bay, China, NORCO's manufacturing base contains the newest SMT, CNC, Stamping Press, and precision test equipment to quickly fabricate what you need when you need it. The production base covers an area of 65,000 square meters on a 15 acre campus with over 600 employees encompassing engineers, technicians, factory workers and management staff.


        The biggest IPC base of China--NORCO Huizhou Manufacturing Base


        The entire manufacturing base has certificated by ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004, and the quality control is fully promoted in all operation processes. Thus, NORCO products are guaranteed to meet worldwide recognized standards such as EMC, UL Certification and RoHS compliance.


        From design and fabrication to the final quality check and shipment, NORCO's manufacturing facility has been designed with customization in mind to securely guide you through the production process. All equipments in our plant are industry standards and stringent quality control measures are in place every step of the process. On site resources include environmental chamber, developmental laboratory, PCB X-ray unit, SMT lines, low humidity component stores, in-line flow oven and thermal imaging camera equipment are present on floor to ensure paramount dependability and longevity of all our products. With its own metal fabrication capability in house, NORCO can efficiently provide complete systems to streamline the manufacturing process and allow you to focus on your core capabilities.


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