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At  the application of smart home, LoT is required to cover a wide range of wireless equipments, involving monitoring, control, fire protection, access control, wireless gateway, intelligent dimmer switch, temperature and humidity sensor, smart socket, infrared repeater, infrared anti-intrusion detector, air quality sensor, wireless doorbell, door sensor, window magnetic, solar wireless smart valve, wireless bedside sleep button, gas leakage sensor etc,

NORCO’s latest compact embedded motherboard EMB-3690 is based on Intel Quark platform,  low power, high-performance and tailored for such usage.


The Internet of Things smart home system needs to cover a wide range of equipments, including wireless gateways, intelligent dimmer switch, temperature and humidity sensors, smart socket, infrared repeaters, infrared anti-intrusion detectors, air quality sensor, wireless doorbell, door sensor, window magnetic, solar wireless intelligent valve, wireless bedside sleep button, wireless gas leakage sensor etc., covers from monitoring, control, fire protection and access control etc. This compact   embedded motherboard EMB-3690 is based on Intel Quark-based platform, low-power, high-performance can meet the various needs. 

IoT smart home system application





  • Why Chosen NORCO?

    Low power consumption  |  Industrial grade in anti-shocking & anti-interference  |  High integration | Can run under all kinds of severe environment | Rich I/O, secure data transmission | Remote monitoring and intelligent control 


  • Fanless     

    With the highly efficient ICEFIN? proprietary thermal design, NORCO's fanless media players are capable of utilizing a wide range of processors, from the Intel Atom, high speed Core 2 Duo processors to the latest generation of Core processors.

    In addition to a small footprint, the fanless design can prevent dust accumulation, has no moving parts that might trigger resonance, and is completely silent. During operation, it will reduce maintenance costs and ensures a 24/7 operability. In short, fanless systems are generally more reliable & more efficient than systems that use fans.


  • Enjoy >1 Choice


    NORCO has established long term cooperation with INTEL, RAM | AMD chip makers, is capable of providing you products and aolutions based on multi-platform, multi-size, multi-performance.


  • Rugged Design    

    Most conventional systems are specified and tested under “average” loads which are typically 50% of the maximum CPU usage. 

    NORCO specifies and tests its systems under sustained 100% CPU and graphic loads to ensure the systems will perform in the field under all conditions.


  • Industrial Grade    

    NORCO products are designed and manufactured by using industrial-grade components for reliability and long-term support. 

    You no longer need to worry about the constant maintenance and reliability problems plaguing commercial-grade PC systems.


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