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NORCO embedded computer BIS-6660 used in train Customer Information System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-25


      As information, intelligence, networking is in full swing, embedded system technology obtained a broader space for development, e.g. in the industrial automation market, introduced industrial process control, CNC, machine vision, power system inspection.
In the transportation industry market, introduced car-mounted multimedia equipment, vehicle detection equipment, vending equipment, etc., all have a connection with embedded devices. At present, the conception of "IoT" concept is pretty hot, provinces and municipalities have begun operating based on IoT, which further pushed forward the development of embedded system.

      NORCO, as a professional embedded computers manufacturer, seized the trend and launched embedded computer BIS-6660 which features new 2nd Generation of patent ICEFIN  technology,  BIS-6660 uses modular design, stable performance, compact structure, is the best choice for train customer information system.


System Requirements

       ◆ Embedded modular design
       ◆ Product specifications and interfaces meet special requirements
       ◆ Stable performance, compact structure,  is the best choice for train customer information system
       ◆ strong anti-seismic, showing ability, can run uninterruptedly and stably




       Customers are expecting vehicle-mounted multimedia use on the train display server device, and now the rapid development of rail transport, greatly facilitate the traving, confront such a large group of passengers, mounted in the vehicle which can provide various forms of streaming media display terminal naturally become the the hottest battleground for its manufacturers. Custom-designed multimedia monitors placed in the middle of the vehicle, to simultaneously control media players at multiple carriages, the system is required to support wifi and 3G expansion, low power consumption, excellent heat dissipation, stable performance, shock-proof, etc. Taken above factors into consideration, NORCO recommended a new generation ICEFIN embedded computer BIS-6660, this embedded motherboard utilizing Intel NM10 chipset onboard powerful Intel Atom N2800 / D2500 Processor, providing 1x SO-DIMM slot, with single capacity up to 4GB, chassis adopts better cooling ICEFIN structure, 

       BIS-6660 features lower power consumption. stable performance, I / O rich interfaces, and strong expansion capability, easy to maintenance, makes it quite ideal for the media display server at the train customer information system.


       ◆ Intel NM10 chipset based, onboard Intel Atom N2800 / D2550 processor
       ◆ The 2nd generation of ICEFIN structure guarantees quick to install, easy to maintain
       ◆ 1 x SO-DIMM DDR3 1066MHz, up to 4GB
       ◆ Supports WiFi and 3G network expansion, provides 1x SIM card slot (optional)
       ◆ Supports dual independent display with DVI / VGA 
       ◆ Rich I / O: 1x VGA / 1x DVI / 2x COM / 1x LAN / 1x Audio


      The new generation of ICEFIN embedded computer released by NORCO, is applied to train customer information system, significantly reducing customer costs, and laid   a solid foundation for customers' products quick to marke. This ICEFIN products is highly praised amoung users. For more information, please contact sales or visit NORCO


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