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NORCO's Embedded Motherboard Works on Net Purchase Solution

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-25

System Overview

       With the rapid development of Internet technology, users index witnessed  unprecedented growth and online shopping becomes a trend which is changing people's lives. the penetration of IoT allowd more automation and smart technology began to enter every aspect of people's lives from industrial environments, IoT makes online shopping much easier, such as net purchase machine now widely used in supermarket provides shoppers a great convenience, any  net purchase machine available, through multi-touch function of commercial large-screen, consumers can easily browse product information at online shopping mall, compare prices, make orders etc. It provides more fun while save time, pushed for more online business transactions. NORCO's embedded motherboard MITX-6870 was creaated for such applications, and soon after its launch, has become a popular embedded solution of net purchase machine for system integrators.


System Requirements
       1. compact;
       2. excellent logical computing power, low power consumption, good heat dissipation;
       3. scalability, rich interface, can connect an external device;
       4. supports for remote network and wireless applications;
       5. supports a variety of formats to display image;
       6. supports video display and audio speakers.


System solutions
       NORCO's Mini-ITX embedded motherboard MITX-6870, as embedded solution about main platform for network purchase machine, this product is a perfect match!  MITX-6870 is compact, based on Intel Pineview-M / D + ICH8M chipset, onboard Intel Atom N450 / D410 / D510 processor (1.66GHz main frequency, 667MHz front side bus, 512KB secondary cache), low power consumption, it provides 1x 240Pin U-DIMM slot, with N450, it supports DDRII 533 / 667MHz up to 2GB, with D410 / D510, it supports 667 / 800MHZ up to 2GB, stable operation; the system integrated  Intel GMA 3150 graphics, supports for VGA, LVDS display output, with independent dual display function, image display system allows animate advertising thus promoate the sales of a certain commodity, also helps to let consumers easily capture the latest prising information; this product features rich I/O: 2x SATAⅡ, 1 x CF and 1x optional SSD, 8x USB, 6 x COM and 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x Mini-PCIE and 1x PCIEx4, easy to connect keyboards, card readers and other external devices.


     NORCO's embedded motherboard MITX-6870 featires compact, low power consumption, stable and reliable, rich interfaces, expansion flexibility, multi-function and other advantages, can guarantee long time continuing stable operatio, software compatible, can have a connection to touch screen, card reader, keyboard password, printer, speakers etc. Rich interfaces allow connect to the output equipments, ensure flexible management for sending goods, calculating and recording sales etc. timely transfer inventory information to control server at each sales shop through wireless communication, to facilitate suppliers manage accounts, deliver goods and stock replenishment.

Embedded motherboard MITX-6870

       • suits to tiny space, anti-poor environment, for indoor or outdoor usage;
       • onboard Intel Atom N450 / D410 / D510 processor, good heat dissipation, low power consumption;
       • stable running ability, high reliability,  logical computing powery;
       • supports CRT, LVDS display output, dual independent display;
       • strong compatibility, multiple USB and COM interfaces ;
       • easy operation and maintenance.

       NORCO's embedded solution is based on sufficient onling purchasing research and technical requirements, it has been strictly tested after been chosen, and nowadays,  network purchase machine has been installed outside of the majority shopping malls at the area, this solution helps to maximize profit, and bring easy online shopping while momen and time saving, indirectly, promotes our country's e-commerce development.  The system is ideal choise from telecommunications, media players, advertising, LCD screen, industrial control, traffic control, information systems, financial equipment, automatic ticketing systems, automobiles, digital control, interactive client, military to various species terminal market.



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