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NORCO's IPC RICH-300A applies in power automation system

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-25

       Electric power system is the most important part of our energy industry as power, wind energy use has penetrated into all areas of our social, economic life. Grid interconnection of the 21st century has witnessed a rapid development, thus, put forward higher requirements about the grid, management style, power marketing, support technology, and environmental technology.

      Today's industrial supply and distribution systems put more emphasis on how to achieve   stable supply of electricity, humanity equipments and advanced maintenance management, taken above items into consideration, NORCO enthusiastically released IPC RICH- 300A, which features data transfer, backup and input. it also does an excellent job at anti-dust,  anti-vibration, anti-interference,low-radiation and run fast, strong electromagnetic compatibility. This stable and reliable IPC passed CCC, and is an ideal choice for electric power automation, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, mechanical and electrical equipment, medicine, food, CNC, industrial furnaces, as well as military and scientific fields.


System requirements about Industrial computer:
       Natural disasters such as earthquakes, snowstorms, floods, hurricanes, etc.  are difficult to prevent,  but when it does happen, will result in varying degrees of loss, power system might shut down and directly affect the rescue and relief work, therefore  industrial automation system requires stable computer processing performance, easy to maintain and upgrade, anti-dust, , anti-vibration, anti-interference,  low radiation, strong electromagnetic compatibility etc.


       NORCO‘ Industrial Computer RICH-300A4U is rackmount, designed for energy  and industrial field applications. It adopts full-size SHB-950 integrated 13-slot passive backplane PBP-13L4. Unique single door design + chassis panel lock, there are system power and reset buttons on front panel of chassis, also has LED indicators show the status about power and HDD respectively. Advanced cooling system with dual ball bearing fan provides sufficient airflow to the main components of the cooling system. Which can significantly reduce the interruption time of supply power. Rich I/O: external USB, serial ports, parallel ports, audio interfaces, PS / 2 keyboard, RJ-45 Ethernet port and VGA interface can be connected to various external devices for data transfer, backup and input. Furthermore, thanks to its capabilities of anti-dust, anti-interference, fast, low-radiation, strong electromagnetic compatibility guarantee power system station can long lime run normally even if encountered natural disasters.



Product description
       ◆ Standard 4U height, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis;
       ◆ 1.2mm high-strength quality carbon steel with surface powder coated, high-temperature baking process;
       ◆ Based on Intel G41 + ICH7 chipset, supports Intel E5500 processor, 2GB memory, 500GB hard drive, Norco DVD drive, Norco mouse;
       ◆ Single door + locking design on front panel to prevent misuse;
       ◆ Special arc beam design, with the height of beam is adjustable;
       ◆ Unique hard disk shockproof design, double protection, layers of shock absorption for longer life;
       ◆ Passed CCC


1. High reliability
       NORCO is committed to development and production of industrial pc, invest a lot of manpower and resources to enhance product performance and reliability in the production and testing, strict checks to ensure each batch meets customer needs.

2. Easy installation
      A real good embedded solution, in addition to outstanding performance, easy installation is also crucial, that is what NORCO have been thinking and going after for.

3. Cost-effective
       NORCO as the largest manufacturer and supplier of embedded intelligent platform in China, conduct production testing, significantly reduced manufacturing costs. Our branches are ramified all over the country to provide customers with advice and service, reduce daily operating costs. 

4. First-class service
       NORCO as a leader in the computer industry at home, provides you with professional service, anythime, anywhere.





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