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NORCO 4U complete industrial PC series are built for in prison monitoring system

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-25

System Overview

      In prisons, criminal assault and escape have never been rare, it has become a headache to the prison staff, but because of less qualified systems, the prison staff could not master what was going on at prison at first hand, thus, leading to many criminals fighting casualties, in order to avoid these tragedies, NORCO pondering on the specific needs of prison monitoring and control system, introduced 4U complete machine series, which is based on multimedia  monitoring system to serve prison security. Meanwhile, help to realize information sharing among prison internal computers.


System Requirements
       ◆ Anti-poor environment
       ◆ High reliability and safety
       ◆ Good compatibility, strong expansion capability
       ◆ HD display
       ◆ Easy to upgrade and maintain
       ◆ Trouble-free continuous operation



Monitoring host system configuration:

         Motherboard SHB-950 
         Industrial Chassis RPC-600
         Backplane PBP-13L4 or 15P12B
         Industrial Power PW-300ATX
         CPU E5500
         Memory DDR3 2GB
         Hard disk 500G
         Display 19-inch LCD monitor

       Host monitoring system utilizing stable, full-size CPU card 950, the system is Intel G41 + ICH7 chipset based, supports LGA775 Core2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Celeron processor, dual channel DDR3. This high-effective motherboard features anti-interference, strong electromagnetic compatibility, easy maintenance, supports 2x RS232 serial interfaces, 8x USB interface, makes it fully capable for monitoring image network long-distance transmission.


       As a leader for China's industrial computer, NORCO, with its rich research and development experience in industrial automation IPC, released a industrial control host computer which is exclusively used for prison supervisory system applications,  NORCO's products features anti-shock, low power consumption, safe and reliable, for more information, please log on:



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