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NORCO FLX series products are exclusively designed for the rail industry

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2016-03-01


       At present, China's urban rail transit construction entered a stage of rapid development, there is a strong demand in major urban construction projects. Railway electrification transformation, construction of new lines, Passenger traffic only line are also in full swing. Safe operation of trains demands high security and stability of the whole system, but the former industrial control computer is quite imcompetent in stability, shock resistance, and the applied modules are not flexible enough, maintenance is quite awkward.

       Taking fully consideration of above situation and the special nature of the track industry, NORCO introduced a new generation of FLX series of industrial computes, with user-friendly design philosophy instilled into all stages of FLX product lines, including appearance, structural strength, shock-resistant, heat resistant, wide temperature range and powerful module expansion meet a variety of demands for running under harsh environment. NORCO's FLX series are tailored industrial computers for the rail industry.

 System Requirements

       Among nine systems in the indutrial computer's application at rail industry, each system has technological difficulties and individual requirements, in order to meet the requirements of each specific system used in rail transport sector, the industrial PC is required to be high reliability and security, shock-resistant, dustproof, endure high temperature, low power consumption and easy maintenance etc.


        FLX series are NORCO tailored for rail sector applications, this product family are with advanced non-cable, high seismic performance, diverse expansion options and high-strength structural design. Taking into account the special requirements of customers for upgrade,  expansion capacity, I / O interfaces and anti-shock and other aspects about industrial computer, NORCO launched FLX-1600, FLX-1300, FLX-2300, FLX-3600, FLX-3300 and FLX- 3622, to meet the different demands of various markets. the non-cable technology not only solved the problem of conventional cabling, but also greatly enhanced its reliability and stability accompanied with longlife. the modular design can add specia modules upon request which enables customers to quickly set up an unique product according to their needs, enabling faster and more accurate serve the nine  systems of railway industry.


System Structural Diagram:

FLX Series Features:
       ◆ Cabless design to maximize the life cycle of prouduct
       ◆ unique modular design 
       ◆ High-density, high-seismic
       ◆ Easy to upgrade


       NORCO FLX series, can be widely used in rail traffic signal system, train automatic control systems, automatic monitoring, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system, station computer system, AFC system, passenger pilot system and environmental monitoring systems. Currently NORCO's  FLX series industrial computer exclusively designed for rail transit have won its popularity at AFC system, PIS system. Currently, Beijing subway, Guangzhou Metro, the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail line Wenfu, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou, Zhengzhou-Xi'an line, Wuhan-Guangzhou Express all adopted NORCO's product, which fully embodies stable operation and high reliability of the products. For more information, please log on our website: or contact our sales team.



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