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RPC series IPC in charge of highway toll

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-25

       With the fast development of Chinese economy, highway construction has become one of the hottest items at present.,  toll system as one of the four  major Electrical and Mechanical Engineerings, is the core section of the current domestic highway mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as the most efficiency, the most mature system. NORCO has leading the race in this industry.


System Requirements

       The highway toll system is supposed to run uninterrupted and stable for a long time under complex environmental condition  in the field, must be endure extrame temperature, moisture, electromagnetic, dust, vibration etc.,  and  MTBF> 30,000 hours, tMTTR <1 hour. Commercial PC obviously is less competent, in order to ensure the toll system fully carry out its charge and the monitoring function, the duty should be solely fall on the shoulder of inductrial PC. The most competent industrial PC should be features:  a.  industrial chassis: anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-electromagnetic; b.  industrial CPU card: continuing to work longer hours to meet the extended temperature range and vibration requirements; c. control cards and management module: industrial grade . NORCO vows to bring the most competent industrial PC to customers worldwide.


System Construction
     The construction of toll system, monitoring (security) system, power supply and lighting systems, communication systems of Qi Lin expressway,  through an international tender, fell on the shoulder of a Spanish company. The toll system is designed to open fare, the entire toll system is divided into three level computer management system, namely the charge center (administrative office is within the charge building), toll stations and toll lanes. The charge center through optical fiber communication system to communicate with toll stations computer.

     The entire toll system mainly consists of three parts ---- the charge central  system, toll station system, lane toll collection system. Although we divided he entire toll system into three parts, in fact the three parts are an organic whole. Toll center control the entire charge system; toll station summaries the data of toll lane and  manage data transfer between toll center and toll lane; toll lane according to charge center's direction to manger the passing vehicles.

       NORCO recommended IPC and its configurations:

      1.Wall-mounted industrial chassis with 8 slots, in line with CE / FCC standard material: steel, color: white/ gray/ black;
      2. Provides 1x 5.25", 2x 3.5" drive space;
      3. The cooling system configured with a 80MM high-speed cooling fan features cotton filters, the rear end also has a 80MM power supply fan;
      4. Adopts standard industrial CPU motherboard NORCO-630V;
      5. Power: PW-250 industrial power supply, ( PW-300/360 ATX supports a selectable qty of HDD;

NORCO-630V:  Intel 440BX AGPset chipset based, providing users with a high-performance, high security, high stability industrial PC platform. The card chosen Soket370 microprocessor socket that supports all Intel Pentium III FC-PGA and Intel CeleronTMPPGA370 microprocessors. In system memory, support PC66MHz / PC100MHz SDRAM up to 1GB. It also provides other advanced features such as ESD protection, three-steps Watchdog Timer, large capacity DOC (Disk on Chip) to make the system more practical. In addition, it provides an AGP graphics, and RS232 / 422/485 communication port.  this board also has "invincible lock" (prevent computer viruses, such as CIH) to protect BIOS, users will thus can run under a sound and powerful computer system.


       CPU: PIII 800

       Memory: 64M ECC

       Hard disk: 40G / MOXA-C104


       When the Spanish company making all the preparations for the construction of the highway system, it was fully taking the complexity of the worst environmental factors in the region into account, it examined including the United States and Taiwan  industrial products manufacturers. NORCO resorted to its decades of outstanding performance in the industrial sector eventually won the race. The entire toll system selected RPC-500 IPC as an image processing computer, charge management computer and lane toll machine; Selected RPC-208 IPC as a data processing computer, IC card management computer; Selected RPC-208, PCL-725 eight-channel relay output and light isolated digital input card.

Overall Performance
       Until now,  56 sets of NORCO IPC has served loyally for Qi Lin expressway over one year,  the stabilities of our IPC is highly prised by end users, meanwhile, greatly improve dthe efficiency of businesses, bring higher profit gains.


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