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NORCO ‘s DS-1660 is Tailored for Network Monitoring System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-24

System Summary:


Network video surveillance industry develops vigorously throughout the world. Data era comes to us in lines with the video surveillance industry. Clients have more requirements for the functions of video surveillance products. Storage system matching up digital network video surveillance systems to realize mass and real time storage and the accountable search of data is a big trend. In terms of this background, Norco recommends a storage product—DS-1660 for the application of network video surveillance system.


Product Introduction:


DS-1660 is 16 bay storage product invented by Norco. It includes chassis, power module, fan module, backplane, front panel LCM and HDD box. DS-1600 partnerships with different control modules like SAS Expand, SATA Expand, SAS JBOD, FIBRE TO SAS, iSCSI to SAS, iSCSI to SATA. SAS JBOD was applied in DS-1660 to fit for digital surveillance, e-library, VOD, video editing, application of big database, medical image, high bandwidth storage solution and DVR.


System Advantage:

1.     1. High Reliability: power, cooling fan, controller, storage are in module respectively

2.     2. Mass Storage: support cascade, support up to 256 hard disk (16xDS-1660)

3.     3. Detection Dispatching, Alert

4.     4. Flexible Installation: 3U, rackmout and desktop

5.     5. LCM Management: LED indicates cooling fan condition, voltage, temperature, power and alarm information, support easy RAID settings, IP display setting

6.     6. High Intelligence Level: automatic speed adjustment of cooling fan on different area. Dual power balance technology make sure power source load even.

7.     7. Mute: mute option. Quietness can be priority.


Product Parameter:


System Illustration

Norco’s DS-1660 is a very high performance storage product according to the advantages of technology parameter. System is in easy operation and maintenance. It does not need professional technicians to run. Therefore, it can highly reduce management cost. DS-1660 is the best option for companies in huge data storage demands.

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