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NORCO 's network product family join hands with Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-24


       People's life witnessed unprecedented change accompanied with the advent of the Internet world. But hackers are so pervasive that like a terrible plague hit the network crowd. Virus spread, information terror, growing computer crime, firewall is no longer a threat to hackers. In order to maintain information security and social stability, it is urgent need for a more reliable technology than firewall protection system. In particular, the need for reliable systems to detect virus intrusion, thus identifying network security violation activities and the signs of attack. Therefore the application of intrusion detection systems increasingly widespread. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a real-time monitoring of network transmissions, alert or conduct proactive responses when detect suspicious transmissions. Its speciality compared with other network security devices lies in IDS is a next generation of security technology that follows "firewall", "Data encryption" etc. NORCO's intrusion detection system is safe and reliable, it takes safe operation of the network as its mission.


System Theory:


System solution aims to configure firewall at the entrance/exit of LAN to tackle eternal Internet attacks. Intrusion detection system was installed in internal network to detect attacks from the inside.


System Requirements:

A good intrusion detection system should meet the demands as follows:

1.     1. Real-time Monitoring

If Internet attacks or hackers attempt were spotted, these activities can be blocked to reduce unnecessary lost. Administrator exams system logs to monitor and intercept attacks.

2.     2. Expansion

An intrusion detection system should not make changes to system itself to detect new attacks when attacks happen. This intrusion detection system should be able to establish an expansion structure to meet future expansion requirements.

3.     3. Logs Record

A complete intrusion detection system should owns thorough log record and log audit capability.

4.     4. Security

An intrusion detection system is supposed to be impeccable and safe. This new system should not bring out new problems and hidden dangers.

5.     5. Easy Maintenance

An intrusion detection system should be practical. That is, this system controls mistaken reports and missing reports within certain scale. Also, easy operation and maintenance for system is needed.



System Advantage:


Norco research intrusion detection system’s application and demands then customize an intrusion detection system according to motherboard, chassis’ structure and design. System features in strong compatibility, reliability, and easy installations. Customers also selected a Norco’s embedded barebone. This intrusion detection system is based on Intel 945GSE+ICH7M chipset, onboard Atom N270 processor and utilizes EPIC embedded motherboard. System adopts Norco self invented INCEFIN outlook, with copper tube radiator in the inside. Fan-less type of installation, Intel 945GSE integrated display controller, one 200pin DDRII SO-DIMM socket are provided. System supports DDR2-400/533, memory up to 2GB, VGA display output, DDRII 400/533 MHz, 4Realtek 8111C Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.


System Illustration


System Comment:


Intrusion detection system is suitable for high security needed network like power, government, bank, e-commerce system. Norco’s industrial-grade detection system of Internet has accurate monitoring, which can prevent hackers’ attack.


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