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NORCO's IPC applies in CNC machine tools

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2010-08-24


The development of computer technology accelerates the technology of computer numerical control machine tool (cnc machine tool) towards to intelligent, high reliable and high accuracy direction. The realization of cnc machine tool reduces the probability of products’ poor quality due to different levels operation performed by workers. Therefore more and more cnc machine tool utilizes industrial computer as front terminal on account of the credible performance, easy operation, handy maintenance and low cost of industrial computer. Industrial computer combines input/output device of cnc machine tool to the controlling center, resolve human machine interface, programming and network communication problems.

System Overview:


Computer numerical control machine tools consist of input/output device, digital controller, PLC, servomechanism, detection device and host of machine tool. When cnc machine tool adopts Norco’s embedded industrial computer, workers just need to place order via man-machine interface. The control system processed order, forming all kinds of control information and sending to servomechanism. As a result, machine tool can operate under control.




System Requirement:


1.     Reliability

Reliability plays a significant role in measuring product quality because low reliability will cause loss on work stoppage and maintenance expense. Let me give you an example. If we take MTBF (the average malfunction time from the breakdown to the next breakdown) to represent cnc machine tool’s reliability, the requirement of fault free should be above 99% according to three shifts within twenty-four hours. MTBF will need to be more than 4500 hours. MTBF is supposed to consider the failure rate of each component. CNC machine tool as the essential part, its MTBF should be over 4500 hours. With such strict requirement, common business PC cannot provide corresponding service. Yet Norco’s embedded industrial computer can perfectly meet cnc machine tool’s demands.


2.     Intelligent

Intelligent cnc machine tool can reach the best performance under adjustments, and it can complete self- detection, detection of other machines, and fault alarm.


3.     Easy Operation

The realization of cnc machine tool reduces the probability of products’ poor quality due to different levels operation performed by workers. A good operation interface will facilitate operator control machines easily. Currently, most cnc machine tool adopts industrial computer with input/output and control function to decrease errors caused by operators.


Embedded Computer Hardware Platform’s Solution

·      2U, 19’’ all-steel structure ultra thin industrial chassis PRC-205

·      10.4’ Thin Film Transistor

·      SHB-890 embedded motherboard

·      Keyboard


Configuration of Norco’s SHB-890 Embedded Motherboard

LGA 775 Core2 Duo, PICM1.0, full size CPU card

Support LGA Intel Core 2 Duo/Pentium-4/Pentium-D/Celeron processor

Intel945G+ICH7G chipset

2x240Pin DDRII DIMM socket, support dual channel, DDRII400/533/667, up to 2GB

Intel945GM integrated GMA950 graphics accelerator

Realtek ALC655, 5.1 sound track audio

RTL8111B controller, 1x10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 interface



RPC-205 industrial chassis’ Configuration

2U, 19’’ rackmount, European and American style, in lines with EIARS-310C standard

2x3.5’,1x5.25’’drive bay

can choose CPU card

Front board has reset button and power button

2xUSB interface

Front board provides power and HDD indicator


The Significance of Norco’s Industrial Computer for CNC Machine Tool


1.     High Reliability

Norco’s industrial computer tested strictly performs steadily. MTBF is 5000-8000 hours, and it meets the demand of operation without human. Norco’s series products have reset function, providing protections when breakdown happens to the machine.


2.     Complete Service

Norco has established national wide service network, providing after-sale service and solutions. Our employees can also do the on field instruction and maintenance of devices.


3.     Foreseeing

In order to meet the fast development of Internet and compatible system, Norco manufacture industrial computer with diverse serial ports: rich I/O interfaces, easy expansion, remote communication, and remote diagnosis.



Norco’s embedded series motherboard and industrial chassis enjoy advantages of stable performance, high quality, good human-machine interface and excellent service. Norco’s system is open for improvements and upgrade.


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