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SHB-840 in Sewage Treatment System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-24

Project Background:

Industry expands too fast in the city and water pollution caused by industry expansion making the environment worse and worse. A company in Xi’an city cooperates with Norco to improve sewage treatment technology. Turning complex environmental monitoring into simple unattended monitoring model for sewage treatment.


Product Introduction:


This company utilizes monitoring and data collection system. Collected data will be transferred to controlling center. Norco host will analyze, display and storage these data. Operators just need to check the status of terminals and place order to operate the equipment. System achieves automation control and automation adjustments of sewage treatment system, being able to show operation status of all the equipment and storage. It can also alert you when measure value exceeds set standards.

Industrial computer as the essential part should have characteristics of excellent performance, fine expansion, and easy maintenance. Norco industrial computer can easily fulfill the job. Special design makes system extensible, and maintain easily. If system matches with different sensors, system can apply to atmospheric monitoring, hydrology monitoring and noise monitoring.


System Configurations:

Motherboard: SHB-840

Chassis: RPC-600

Backplane: PBP-13L4

Power: PW-300

CPU: P4 3.0G

HDD: 160G

Memory: 512m



Network Topology:


Norco’s Hardware System Features:

1.     Reliability: system can work in 24 hours nonstop, dealing all types of rigorous environment

2.     Easy Expansion: rich I/O interface, compact structure makes installation and expansion easy in the limited space

3.     Anti-interference: Norco’s control platform passed strict temperature test and anti-interference test.

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