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NORCO launched a new generation of "Digital Beijing information kiosk"

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-24


Background Introduction:


Kiosk is information and service self end terminal for public (placed in central city, community and malls, etc.), making use of information network technology, touchscreen technology, information technology and media playing technology. People can access to financial service, public information, and service, etc. via Kiosk. The appearance of Kiosk in city represents the level of urban information, and is the base for IoT of China.  Governments can promote laws and regulations to citizens via information kiosk. For enterprise, kiosk can advertise products, providing all kinds of information display to make a profit. Beijing used to be the first to place kiosk and kiosk became extremely popular at a time. However, kiosk in Beijing is in need of upgrade because of the hash environment, imperfection of functions, outdated information. The new generation of Beijing digital information kiosk based on Norco’s hardware platform drew a beautiful picture of kiosk city for you.


System Requirements:

1.     It should operate under hash conditions, resisting wind and sun. Easy update and maintenance.

2.     Large LED.

3.     Touchscreen provides information inquiry.

4.     Supports 3G network, map inquiry, bus inquiry and self-help recharging service.

5.     Supports Audio emergent alarm system, photograph and other advanced functions.


System Theory and Solution:


The new generation Beijing digital kiosk adopts 3G wireless network communication, and background program integrated government information system, community information system and public service information system with Norco’s MITX embedded motherboard. Simple, practical and open are the highlights of this new generation digital kiosk. The kiosk has four sides. The side, facing sidewalk is a 32’’ inches touchscreen inquiry panel, serving people with information inquiry service. As for the side confronted street, it is big ads for public welfare promotion. Two sides of the kiosk are two 65’’ LCD with dynamic picture and texts promotion and ads on. Fast induction speed, casual enlargement of page, back and forth dragging, writing Chinese characters are all for easy usage. Local map is provided to locate nearby restaurants, entertainments, travel resorts, and medical organizations, etc. Besides, self-recharging service, audio emergent alarm system and photograph function are added. People can take selfies and send it back to personal email. 3G wireless network will not only meet the demand of sending information of kiosk itself but also will facilitate people getting connected with free WIFI.

System Illustration:

Norco Hardware Platform (MITX motherboard)

  • ·      Supports LGA775 Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/ Pentium 4 processor FSB 533/800MHz
  • ·      2x240-Pin DIMM socket, supports DDRII 400/533MHz, up to 2GB
  • ·      18/24 bay LVDS/DVI+VGA display output, supports independent dual view display
  • ·      1x10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • ·      3xSATAII/1 Type II Compact Flash/6xUSB2.0/6xCOM/GPIO/IrDA/LPT



Hardware platform can achieve following functions:

1.     It can operate under a harsh environment like wind and sun continually in 24x7 hours

2.     Supports dual screen: one control touchscreen and one ads screen

3.     Rich serial ports and USB can connect to diverse devices like: card reader, printer, scanner, and LPC control unit

4.     Gigabit Ethernet support network communication, it supports expansion of 3G wireless access

5.     Remote management and control: provide remote management and remote control to ensure the terminal’s operation.



System Comment:


Norco’s main control hardware platform has compact structure and cooling system, which guarantees the reliability of the system. Remote control shortens the cost of man operation. Fast data transmission to satisfies big data management and update. It supports multi media playing, instant information from remote control and it can adjust to variable formats and displays. Norco’s main control hardware platform endows in high expansion capacity, and it can resolve your problem with flexible solutions.



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