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NORCO assists to automatic machine steps into Xinhua Bookstore

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      The development of technology pushes people's lives more convenient and intelligent, intelligent self-service terminals have been everywhere, such as vending machines,AMT, self-ordering machine, self-service payment machine, water vending machine, self-check machine etc. These self-service terminals are no longer foreign to us, as long as put into coin or paid by credit card, select items or service, the machine will act as an omnipotent super waiters give what is required, it is very convenient. Today, we introduce you a new member -- intelligent terminal- automatic bookselling machine that helps to sell magazines and books.


Imagine it, put a corn in, the machine spits out is not food or drink, but a book which or a magazine that you hunting after, it is fun, is not it? Now this new way of selling way has gradually adopted by a certain amount of large bookers to improve service, reduce operating costs and enhance reader experience. This automatic Bookselling machine can be installed in various public areas, such as hospital, hotel, railway station, gas station, school, supermarket, neighborhood, community, library, tourist attractions and other places, so that people can browse, read and purchase simply slide their fingertips. The following section will introduce an automatic bookselling machine solution that based on NORCO hardware platform.


System functional requirements

       1. Automatic bookselling machine: (put in coin, or pay with credit card, or pay online through touch screen)

       2. Supports dual-display, Screen Query and advertising display: (electronic touch-screen display advertising and e-book smart advertising)

       3. Provide USB external interface to free charging smart phones

       4. Support wireless 3G, WiFi Internet access available

       5. Support e-book reader and download

       6. Support a variety of external devices: such as printers, card readers, barcode scanner, U-disk etc.

       7. Support remote management: reading, purchase, inventory, advertising display etc.

Working Principle

Automatic bookselling machine system includes bookselling machine and server terminal two sections. The server terminal mainly is responsible to management system including bookselling network, bookstore management systems and overall database; automatic Bookselling terminal contains hardware and software systems. Hardware systems include control main engine (NORCO IPC BIS-6590 based on x86 architecture), touch screen, payment terminal, motor, printer, and sensor.


Software system of automatically bookselling machine mainly is IPC program , at Bookselling machine terminal, books are arranged in serial numbers and placed in the machine, at console, buyers input book number, confirm order etc. there is a coin input port and a book spits out port on the machine, some machines can also agree pay with credit card or library card, readers just follow the prompts steps to input money for books, the transaction is done, the book will be delivered spit out port, the buyer pick up the book out. In addition to buying the books available inside of the machine, the reader can also inquire bookstore inventory via touching Screen, and then place an order via automatic bookselling machine, the bookstore will deliver the designated book/(s) according to the purchase order.

The machine comes with LED LCD display which in addition to show operation steps, tips, also supports video, images, audio and other multimedia files playback, e.g. advertising, film, music, or the latest reading information, can better recommend books to readers in the form of video with sound.

Automatic Bookselling terminal in addition to achieving intelligent query, probation, advertising, book sales and other basic functions, by means of NORCO’s BIS-6590 IPC which features rich interfaces and expansion capabilities, it also supports charging smartphones, e-book download, data storage, U disk read, printer, tag reader, card reader, WiFi Internet access and other functions.



       BIS-6590 | is a embedded Barebone | H61 / Q77 / B75 chipset based | USB3.0

 Adopts NEW generation of big ICEFIN cooling system + quiet fan less design

       Supports Intel Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge processor

       2x DDR3 DIMM slots support dual-channel DDR3 1066/1333/1600 MHz, memory capacity up to 16GB

       1x VGA, 1x DVI display output, supports DVI + VGA dual independent display

       USB3.0 port, the transmission performance of USB3.0 in theory reaches 5Gb / s is about ten times than USB2.0.  

       latest SATAIII port, transmission speed reaches to 6Gbps, with downward compatibility.

       2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, support for Wake on LAN


Hardware platform helps to achieve the following functions:

1. support for 24-hour automatic bookselling

2. support dual-display: an advertising screen and a master screen

3. multiple serial ports and usb interfaces can transfer a variety of external devices, such as: reader, printer, two-dimensional code scanning, u disk, etc., usb interface can charge electronic products.

4. built-in sim slot supports wireless 3g to achieve online multimedia play, free wifi internet access, inventory queries and reading query etc.

5. remote management and control: provides logistics chain management, remote search and control book sales, supplementary and statistical functions, remote manage advertising play etc.

System Evaluation

    The automatic bookselling machine based on NORCO X86 hardware platform, features rich interfaces, excellent integrated intelligent applications and cloud services, the intelligent system design makes the device easy to operate. NORCO’s products have been chosen by many system integrators as industrial platform of intelligent self-service terminals, with stable and reliable function. In addition, this Fanless Embedded Computer System BIS-6590 also widely applied to digital signage, rail transportation, retail, e-police, information control, etc.

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