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NORCO embedded computer plays a role in banking

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23

Project Background:


Nowadays, more and more foreign banks enter China. Domestic banks are thus trying to improve its services. The appearance of intelligent digital multi media provides industries with better information platform. Banks are adopting the new generation of media information platform to strengthen service level, marketing and other ads promotions.


The application of new generation of media information platform in banking will provide customers diverse services like: self-help service, business consulting, and new ads, etc. The diverse service decrease customers’ anxiety while they are waiting, and provide customers with convenient platform and good services as well.



System Requirements:

1.     Stable System:

The operation of system will not impede banks’ business system. The whole system including hardware equipment and software has excellent reliability, complete fault-tolerant processed capacity and monitoring capacity.

2.     Flexible and Diverse Playing Contents:

System provides customers multi financial and service information. Playing contents can meet the demands of flexible and diverse time and space requirements.

3.     Safe System:

System has a thoughtful consideration of user authority. Is also has user verification and log record for system operation, system management and remote access to ensure the safe and legal operation of the system.

4.     High Quality Vision Effect

High definition of picture playing supports 1920x1080i/p. Video interfaces includes HDMI, DVI, VGA/Y/Pb/Pr.

5.     Automatic Control

All information can be set up in advance to play automatically in certain time without human intervention. System has the complete monitoring and log record.

System Illustration

System Features:

1.     Rich interfaces satisfy requirements of multi display devices.

2.     Integrated 3D graphic unit supports 1080 decoding/coding video engine

3.     High performance/low power

4.     Reliable Android system, easy maintenance.

5.     High reliability and high safety

Solution Recommendation:
1. BIS-6332B


      BIS-6332B utilizes high expansion and multi-core processor based on Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 architecture with powerful graphic processed capacity and computing capacity. It is a low power consumed, high performance, compact structure and portable high definition broadcast system for digital signage with Android/Linux operating system.


2. RICH-300A



      RICH-300A 4U Rackmount industrial computer was specially designed for industry field. It employs SHB-950 full size card with 13 sockets and back plane PBP-13L4. RICH-300A has single door design with lockable door. System power and reset button are displayed on the front of RICH-300A. LED can indicate PWR and HDD operation situation. Advanced two ball bearing cooling system provides cool current for main components.  Rich interfaces(USB, serial ports, centronics,audio, PS/2 keyboard, RJ-45 internet access, and VGA interfaces, etc.) facilitates data transmission, backup and input.  RICH-300A can applied to all other fields (Ferrous Metallugry, Petrochemical industry, mechatronics, medical food, CNC machine, industrial furnace, military/aero and other industrial fields) due to its anti-dust/disturbance, fast speed, and low radiation characteristics.


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