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POS-6921 POS System Application

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23

Project Overview:

       NORCO, as the leading brands in IPC fields at domestic market, aimed at the demand of launched tailor-made embedded CPU card POS-6921, this board is highly integrated, features high stability, and gained vast popularity among POS equipment manufacturers.


      A large supermarket chain in Shanghai, with the purpose of strengthen its supermarket management, enhance internal control, improve overall efficiency, saving labor costs, rapidly access information for decision making, as well as speed up cash flow, improve the core competence of enterprises, upgrade the original imported POS equipments, establish an impeccable  information management system.


      A POS system integrator in Shanghai was chosen to provide a complete solution for the project, who adopts POS-6921CPU as the core cash register.
(A) System topology:


(B)POS-6921 supported eqippments:


POS-6921 Configuration

1. CPU:

      Onboard Embedded VIA low power Eden processor & C3 CPU, supports 66/100 / 133MHZ FSB system

      Rate: 400MHz, 667MHz or 800MHz (optional)

2. VGA / LCD:

      VGA equivalent to the performance of SAVAGE3

      LCD supports 18/24 / 36BIT of TFT display

      LCD also supports 8/16 / 24BIT a display DSTN

3. System memory:

      One onboard 168pin SDR DIMM, up to 512Mbytes

      Supports 100MHz / 133MHz transmission

      Onboard memory SMD (optional)

4. Storage:

      2x Enhanced IDE interface connectors, (one is 44PIN interface, support for 2.5-inch hard drive)

      Supports 2x IDE devices at speeds up to 100 MB / sec

      Supports all kinds of TYPE I / CF (Compact Flash) card (optional)

5. LAN:

      Integrated 10 / 100M Ethernet card

6. I / O:

      Floppy: 1 floppy port (360 KB / 1.2 MB / 720 KB / 1.44 MB / 2.88 MB)

      USB: 2x USB1.1

      PISA slot: PCI and ISA standard interface

      KB & Mouse: 2x PS2 with 1X5, 1X6 pin plugs

      Power supply: AT power supply (+ 5V, + 12V)

      Watchdog: two ways reset and IRQ11

      The system can achieve 32 levels watchdog timer


      POS (Point of Sale, electronic cash register system) is widely used in shops, supermarkets, department stores, the entire POS industry has shown a sound development, but its domestic product market share is not high, considering above situation, NORCO released a board uniquely for POS to provide a comprehensive solution for domestic POS equipment manufacturers, and will definitely increase the domestic market share with improved product performance.

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