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EMB-3680 based VPN business chain solutions

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23


      With the rapid development of enterprise business, local stores, chain stores, other remote offices, also have emerged like mushroom, more and more frequent information exchange, with the implementation of enterprise business (POS) systems, the transmission of vital business data, financial data and related information data in the network is getting more and more frequent, thus posed a higher demand of security, now relying solely on Modem dial-up, ADSL and leased line network model is no longer suitable to company information transmission platform. With the chain business model become the dominated pattern, Most of this kind of enterprise business provide services directly to customers, and the professional level, speed and accuracy of the service formed an important competitiveness of enterprises.


      In order to improve service capabilities, many enterprises resort to information technology build a platform to handle all kinds of information (such as distribution systems, etc.), but the chain operation mode determines the existence of a large number of branches, these branches pose an urgent need to synchronize data transmission via connect to the headquarters LAN. Considering chain industry is facing fierce market competition, DDN line is too expensive; while the cost of Modem dial also is not low, plus security, transmission speed and other performance somewhat less ideal.

Solution Overview
        NOCRO proposes chain stores establish its own VPN via the Internet using. EMB-3680 VPN solution can effectively meet the requirements of the system broadband network construction. On the logistics management, headquarters can always monitor each branch sales, inventory, and conduct timely delivery and inventory adjustments; on personnel management, real-time monitoring system contributes to employees’ enthusiasm for work; on customer management, the VPN secure connection between stores and headquarters on real-time database, pushes the implementation of the cumulative shopping discount system, can improve customer loyalty. EMB-3680 VPN possesses unparalleled advantages with an affordable price, and can greatly reduce costs, improve stability and security of the system, thus effectively guarantee the normal operation of the entire system.


Network Architecture:
      ◇ Headquarters: It accesses to the Internet via ADSL or dedicated Internet access, install a EMB-3680 VPN device that suits current business development, as the central node of VPN network.
      ◇ branches: It accesses to the internet via ADSL or ISDN, install a EMB-3680 VPN device in each branch that suits for current enterprise development and connect to headquarters VPN.
      ◇ mobile users: It accesses to headquarter VPN via VPN client end, supports CDMA / GPRS etc. Users even at the airport, train, boat, etc. also can access to work.

Hardware platform
      EMB-3680AE low-power motherboard
      Ø onboard AMD LX 700 processor, dominant frequency: 433MHz, effectively reduced the system heat dissipation
      Ø adopts AMD CS5536 chip, FSB 133MHz, low power, fan less, stable
      Ø supports DDR 400MHz memory, up to 1GB
      Ø supports 18 / 24bit LVDS or TTL interface, dual independent display, as well as CRT and LCD display
      Ø 2x 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet ports, fully meet the needs of network access
      Ø 1x Mini IDE, AC'97 sound card, 2x Mbps LAN, 4x COM ports, COM2 supports RS232 / RS422 / RS485; 1x parallel port, 1x PC104 + socket, 4x USB 2.0, 1x CF
      Ø 1x PC 104+ interface, facilitates the expansion of encryption module
      Ø watchdog to prevent the client system has been in a crash state
      Ø equipped with power management, alarm, network and hard disk light
      Originally limited to Company's internal expansion management system, now without any modifications to the original system, can connect to branches via VPN, also allows branches to access, ultimately, enhance the effectiveness of business operations while saving operating costs.
      Without setting line, just use the general ADSL online via the Internet also can achieve security of leased line, while VPN security channel can quickly to build. EMB-3680 VPN possesses firewall, and multiple load balancing capabilities that secure corporate network sound connection.



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