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NORCO industrial machine applies to in the library self-service terminal syste

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23

System Overview:


A city’s culture is the measure of a city’s development and civilization. With the development of WEB2.0, network information and IoT arise as well. City library as part of the city culture did not stop its paces, following up to the Internet world with 24hours self-service library terminal. Self-service library facilitate readers, and lower the cost of manpower. Readers can borrow books from self-service library terminal, print the details of book returns and return books. So here we are going to introduce you a self-service library solution based on Norco’s high performance POS.


System Theory:


Self-service library terminal system includes label initialization conversion system, self-help borrowing and returning system, counter service system, handhold inquiry system, and security system.


System Requirement:

1.     Device can recognize bar code to process RFID
2.    Books, magazine, CD and video tape reading
3.     High definition LCD
4.     Support “Aleph500’’ library management system
5.     Devices can read all types of scanning spears
6.     It can connects to system via TCP/IP or serial ports
7.     Audio reminder for readers. It can process the borrowers’ information
8.     Compatibility: IC card and bar code card
9.     Infrared ray indicator in case of switching books
10.  Resist high temperature and humidity, no limitation of time and locations



System Introduction:


System integrator utilizes Norco’s customized industrial computer 7853A as control platform for self-service library terminal. Norco’s customized industrial computer adopts POS’s industrial motherboard POS -7853, which uses 945G(C) +ICH7 chipset, supporting Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Coer Duo. System FSB’s frequency is 533MHz/800MHz/1066MHz. As for system storage, it supports 2x240pin dual channel memory sockets, up to 4GB. DDRII 400/533/667 makes sure system operate 24 hours with no stop. In terms of display, it onboard display controller, supporting VGA display. Rich interfaces brought customer convenience: 1IDE interface, 1 interface backing up to 5.1 sound track audio output, 1 centronics, 10 serial ports, 4xSATA1/SATA2, 6xUSB2.0 interfaces, 1 Gigabit access. Also, other advanced functions like IrDA, Watchdog, Timer, BIOS and expansion functions are provided. Complete remote backstage control and automatic alarm system can avoid breakdown.


Product Configuration:


Supports LGA Pentium-4 CPU and Core 2 Duo processor

Intel945G(Lakeport-G)/945GC(do not support FSB1066)+ICH7

2x240PIN dual channel DIMM supports DDRII 400/533/667MHz memory, up to 4G

945G/GC integrated Intel GMA950

Realtek ALC655, 5.1 sound track

Adopts Intel 82573V chipset, support 10/100/1000Mbps



System Comment:


Norco’s control self service terminal host features in multi-media service of terminal, compatibility, great integration, good safety, intelligent and systematic design, and easy operation. System integrator discovered these advantages, and applied them to libraries in Shenzhen and some libraries in Beijing as part of the self-service library terminal system. Norco’s invention facilitates readers and lowers the cost of library.


If you like to know more about Norco’s product, please visit our website: or contact us.



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