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NORCO embedded motherboard plays a role in the ATM industry

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23

System Summary:


With the development of computer technology, software and network safety technology, broadband is expanding and Internet is everywhere. Financial business shows up in electronic and network tendency. Data showed that there are 1.8 million bankcards in the market according to banks. ATM terminal develop furiously in China these years. Norco’s industrial products became the first choice of ATM system integrator.  Norco’s embedded solution MITX-6854 stands out in the industry and it was chosen as the host computer of ATM system by ATM system integrator.


System Requirement:


ATM system needs to operate in harsh condition like high temperature and humidity with high standard of heat dissipation and good reliability. It should have fast response to adverse situation and being able to deal with accounts in accuracy. Good expansion capacity is acquired to connect with all kinds of surveillance systems, maintaining system running. Also, compatibility plays an important role of system to support various operating systems, achieving the combination of system’s software and hardware.



System Illustration:

System Advantages:


Norco’s embedded industrial motherboard MITX-6854 fulfills heat dissipation of ATM terminal system with Intel Atom processor, low power consumed and fanless design, which enhances the stable operation of the system under the harsh environment in 24 hours of non stop. The advanced CPU technology endows system with fantastic processing capacity to adjust the high load of ATM terminal system. MITX-6854 integrates CF card socket, gigabit network access, and 10xCOM, providing a broad space to connect with all kinds of surveillance systems. These surveillance systems will prevent illegal destruction to ATM from others via monitoring ATM scenes. System also supports broadband network to upload data for statistics, management of ATM terminal.


Characteristics of Norco Mini-ITX motherboard MITX-6854

Onboard Intel Atom N270 proccessor, 1.6GHz bus, 512KB L2 Cache

Intel945GSE + ICH7M

1x200Pin DDRII SO-DIMM socket, supports DDRII400/533 MHz, memory up to 2G

GMA 950, supports VGA/LVDS/DVI

Supports 7.1 sound track HD audio, provides Line out and MIC in interface

1x10/100/1000 base-T PCI-E Ethernet

32-bit/33MHz PCI slot, Mini-PCIE, 10COM, 8USB, 2SATA, IDE, CompactFlash, IrDA


System Comments:

Norco industrial embedded motherboard MITX-6854 as the essential part of ATM accomplishes the intelligent system and safe managing role. Norco’s embedded solution features in excellent performance and compatibility, satisfying customers’ demands of high reliability, easy operation, and strong expansion, etc.


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