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NORCO Embedded Computer Applies in LED Information Display at Stadium

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23

Project Background:


LED display panel is a kind of display system that integrates micro electronic technique, photoelectronic technology, computer technology, and information processing technology. It widely applied to advertisement, information dissemination, and news release, etc. The improvement of LED technology and its green advantage, it become the main equipment in modern stadium. LED display panel bestow people good vision. Multimedia display technology can provide real-time broadcast of games, making great moments and results of the competitors available.


System Summary:


There are two types of display screens in LED information display system of stadium. One shows scores. The other display live from the game or slow moves of the game. LED information display system of stadium not only plays contents but also integrates scores, image-text, slogan, and video comparing to the other display system. It focuses on synchronized information and information integration.


LED information display system of stadium consists of hosts, LAN, controller, and big screen displayer. All systems use LAN to connect. Also, the stadium is bright and has more viewing angles. Therefore, the system should fully display all angles of the game, and should be easy to operate.


System Function:

1.     1. Display function:

-Display real-time video, image. Realize superposition of image and character

-Reveal completion information and score

-Showcase ranking, scores, recording score and competition information introduction according to different sport competitions

2. Clock Function

-Clock can be set in terms of different competitions. Support clockwise, counter-clockwise, stop and other operations.


Solution for LED information Display System of Stadium:

Norco embedded box computer BIS-6520LC can meet the demands of mass data process of LED information display system of stadium. BIS-6520LC uses embedded and fan-less design, and sealed structure. Inside or outside LED display screen plays via BIS-6520LC. System provides diverse multimedia play models. Reliability and operability of BIS-6520LC is higher than traditional controller.


Main Features of BIS-6520LC Big Screen Controlling Host:

Small hardware platform, compact structure

Desktop type chassis, gold/back/blue, sandblasting oxidation of surface

Intel 915GM(910MLE)+ICH6M, support Intel Celeron-M 1.2 65nm processor

2 dual channel SO_DIMM support DDRII 533/400MHz memory, memory up to 2G

Support VGA display output, the back provides 2DVI, 1 serial ports, 4USB, 4 network interfaces


Network Topology:



Advantages of Norco System:

1.    1. Utilize industrial –grade CPU, excellent reliability and stability

2.    2.  Powerful processing capacity, capable of dealing with all kinds of complex conten

3.    3.  Rich interfaces, easy maintenance, support expansion

4.    4. Can work under the temperature of -2060  in long time nonstop



Norco BIS-6520LC is designed specially for big screen display. It has been successfully applied in many sports stadiums in domestic China and foreign countries because of easy operation, rich function, and flexible combinations of playing.


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