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NORCO Network Security Barebone FW-1109 was created for Bank Network Securit

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20

Project Background:


Online security raise up serious challenges for online banking as Internet economy blooming. What customer worry about is information safety. Computer and computer network system can easily hacked by hackers or attacked by virus. Breakdowns of operation might happen. Based on this situation, Norco presents FW-1109 special for 6 Gigabit network security platform. It uses Intel H61 chipset, and its structure accords to 1U network security product standard.


Network Safety of Banking’s Requirements:

Protections/measures of network system are required when system faces small probability mistakes

Control demands for access, network data access and wireless network access.

Network data backup and rapid restored demands

System Illustration:

System Solution:


Norco’s 6 Gigabit network security barebone FW-1109 utilizes Intel Sugar Bay H61 chipset, going with Intel 2nd LGA1155 i7, i5, i3, Pentium, Celeron processors. It features in high performance, low power dissipation, fine cooling capacity and easy maintenance. FW-1109 fits for multi-function application with rich interfaces. 6 Gigabit network security interface have the 3rd genneration’s BYPASS function. 3rd genneration’s BYPASS function supports automatic switching and software switching, which meets the demands of easy operation and continuity. Also, it can prevent attacks from hackers and destruction. Intel 82583V(compatible with Intel 82574L) 10/100/1000Mbps advanced Gigabit network card chip can provide excellent data transmission rate and network connection function. Adopting Intel processor platform satisfies online banking’s needs with significant reliability.


Product Features of FW-1109:

 Based on Intel H61 chipset, support LGA155 Intel Sandy Bridge LGA1155 Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron and other processors

 Support 2xDDR3 133MHz dual channel NON-ECC memory, memory up to 16GB

 Support 6x Gigabit Ethernet, LAN3 and LAN4, LAN5 and LAN6 interface have 3rd genneration’s BYPASS function

 1VGA interface, 3USB interface, 1RJ45 Console interface, 1CF card socket, 2 Sata 2.0

 Size: 436mmx350mmx44.4mm


System Comments:

Norco’s 6 Gigabit network security barebone FW-1109 is based on Intel H61 chipset, providing rich interfaces. Excellent network performance is bale to realize big data transmission, improving data usability and safety. FW-1109 is designed for network security and firewall industry. It passed strict test. FW-1109 will be your ideal network platform solution.


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