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NORCO's IPC Plays a Vital Role in the Electronic Police System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20

Background Introduction


City grows and grows. Cars are increasing as city develops. Vehicles facilitate citizens but raises up challenges for intelligent transportation system. Enhancing automation level of transportation management system becomes the main task for transportation department in China.

Electronic police system can be applied to big traffic sections of city to decrease traffic accidents and ease lacking of police via taking pictures of the violations.


System Requirements:

A city in Shandong province has complex transportation condition: big traffic, Poor road conditions, dusts pollution and vehicle violation. Thus a good electronic police system should handle powerful managing ability and graphic capability. It should also operates7*24 hours in nonstop. Norco’s SHB-840 CPU card possesses in powerful processing capacity, low power consumption, and stable unattended operation. Norco SHB-840 is your ideal solution for electronic police system.


Network Topology:

System Description:

Electronic police system consists of detection, image collection, data transmission and management section. The whole system can monitor running red light, speeding and other violation actions. Norco’s industrial computer communicates with detection device, data collection, and vehicle data. Police will dispose all the violations according to the information coming form the electronic police system.



Motherboard: SHB-840

Chassis: RPC-510D

CPU: P4 2.8G

Memory: 1G

HDD: 250G

Backplane: PBP-13L4

Power: PW-300


Norco industrial computer’s representative features in electrical police system

1.     1. Rich I/O interface, strong expansion, more modules can be added

2.     2. Support all types of communication modes, easy connections to the Internet

3.     3. System designs in terms of industrial standard, being able to operate steadily under all kinds of rigorous environment

4.     4. Norco industrial computer features in powerful processing capacity, low power dissipation, hot-swap, shock-resistance, anti-EMI and anti-RFI.




Electronic police system is a typical solution applied in rigorous environment. Norco’s product can solve all the problems that electronic police system encounters. Compact figure and high reliability decrease system maintenance cost. Excellent compatibility is the advantages of Norco product. Electronic police system manufacturers tested many different industrial computer systems and chose Norco as electronic police system’s host because of good quality.

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