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NORCO'S outdoor router BIS-6210 is ideal for group network communication

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20

Wireless network set people free from being depending on wire system. Setting up wireless router can meet the demands of real-time performance, mobility and outdoor work for network application. The development of wireless router has enabled wireless router become common network device of industrial communication. Yet enterprise has concerns with the security and reliability of network.  For example, due to the lack of basic network construction, and complexities of hills, forest prairie, and common outdoor router could not meet the demands of special fields of industry. Facing such high requirements, a new type of outdoor router comes out. The solution aims to introduce this new kind of outdoor router— Norco BIS-6210. Norco BIS-6210 not only has reliable communication capability, mobility, and flexibility but also conforms to IEEE802.11B/G industry standard.


Solution Background:

In CeBit exhibition, a project manager from Poland got in touch with Norco to search for a reliable and easy maintenance hardware supplier.  Poland is located at central Europe. It has highland on its South, a lower area on its North and a sunken middle part. Poland owns a vast land but a small amount of population. Also the weather of Poland varies greatly. There will be too much work for constructing cable Telecom, and cable communication can not realized. The weather condition also rises up many tough questions for installing, maintaining and testing of wireless telecom. Therefore, this project manager from Poland reaches out for Norco.


System Requirement:

1.    1. Remote transmission, multi receive terminals

2.    2. Telecom for civil common use, low cost

3.    3. The installation of network should not affect the operation of former network

4.    4. High reliability, no shifts needed

5.    5. Single line breakdown will not have effluence on data transmission

6.    6. Complex working conditions: high temperature, humidity, strong electromagnetism

Solution Details:


In order to know the requirements of this project manager, Norco analyzed the difficulties and recommended a detail outdoor-router solution— Norco BIS-6210.  Router PC BIS-6210 wireless solution (802.11B/G) has advantages over accountable telecom capacity, decent mobility, flexibility, easy installation and low cost. It abide by IEEE802.11B/G industry standard. Besides, It is waterproof, anti-dust and in low power consumption for working in a complex working condition. Based on POE Ethernet power, BIS-6210 have automatic detection of data link’ connection. If break down happens, BIS-6210 can reset in automation to make sure network’s running.


This project manager makes use of BIS-6210 constructing cellular network to strengthen signals and network coverage, which enables stable transmission for public area and communities. Blind spots for remote areas will be decreased as well.

Product BIS-6210 Configuration:



BIS-6210 employs Norco’s invented low power consumption backplane NORCO-7680. The size of NORCO-7680 is 220mmx160mm. BIS-6210 uses AMD GX3+CS5536 chipset, supporting AMD LX700/LX800, +12V + POE(WLAN) power supply. Motherboard provides 1 DDR SO-DIMM, supporting DDR2 333/400, memory up to 1GB. LAN is standard RJ45 interface, with Realtek 8100C chipset, and 10/100M network support. BIS-6210 also provides 3 standard mini-PCI socket, 1expand pin (2x45, can expand up to 4PCI), 50pin CF card socket, and 2USB ports.


BIS-6210 utilizes industrial computer grade’s configuration. Therefore, all sides of the system meet the demands of the harsh condition of Poland. Its MTTR (mean time to repair) is five minutes. MTTF reaches up to one hundred thousand hours. Strengthened signal module and wireless transmission function make sure the running between terminal and server.

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