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EMB-5730 Applies in Laser Marking Machine

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20


Laser marking machine was widely used by international after the late 80s because of its advantages on no pollution, anti-counterfeiting and low cost of maintenance. It can operate fast on the production line with no stop, marking decoded message to replace dot-matrix inkjet printer. Also, it has a powerful anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, it was applied to food industry, daily chemicals, medical fields, and communications’ flow productio, etc.


A company in China began to work on the invention of laser marking machine in the late 90s. After two years, the company adopted Noco’s embedded product EMB-5730 as the laser controller and Chinese control software to create an advanced laser marking machine with combining a foreign laser. This company became the main supplier of food industry, tobacco industry and medical fields, etc. in China.




When power 220V(50Hz) supplies industrial computer and CO2 laser, industrial computer controls marking system and galvanometer deflection system through marking software. Once the marking object starts to work, the photoelectric sensor can sense the movement of object then it will give signals back to the industrial computer. After the industrial computer receive signal, it will indicate to galvanometer deflection system and CO2 laser. Galvanometer deflection system makes adjustment X and Y direction, then CO2 laser gives out beam to X direction and Y mirror galvanometer, switching to the needed mark object.

Device Features and Function:
1.    Utilize imported CO2 laser. Good quality of light beam, divergence in a small scale, all sealed with metal, mark in clarity, strong indentifiability, strong anti-counterfeiting.
2.    Employs imported galvanometer deflection scanning system, featuring in high stability and high accuracy of laser marking.
3.    Chinese editing interface, windows font library is available, custom icon, marked enterprise logo, suitable for domesticproduction worksite’s technology level.
4.    Being able to editing 4 lines of Chinese characters, maxi height of character is 35mm, can adjust the depth of marking.
5.    Can mark flow line production in multi angles.
6.    Uses Norco embedded CPU EMB-5730, supports LCD, stable performace.
7.    4x USB, easy debugging for devices connecting to USB mouse, keyboard.

1.Industrial computer configuration
-Industrial CPU: EMB-5730, onboard C-M 800MHz
-Memory: 256MB
-Support LCD

2. Features of EMB-5730
-Supports Intel Celeron M/Pentium M processor
-Intel 825GM chipset
-VGA, LVDS, TV-OUT three type of output model, VGA+LVDS or VGA +TVOUT independent dual view display
-2x10/100M high speed Ethernet
-4xUSB2.0, 4serial ports
-Audio output on the board

-Imported CO2 laser 30-50W

4.Galvanometer deflection system

Norco has provided industrial hardware platform for many domestic enterprise for inventing laser products, including: laser marking machine, laser metal cutting machine, and laser engraving machine, etc. What we provide is: full size CPU card, low power dissipation full size or half size CPU card and embedded series, etc. Norco grows on this field, and also propels the development of domestic laser technology.


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