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NORCO 4U industrial machine is a perfect match for LED die bonder

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20

System Summary


With the development of IT industry and semiconductor industry, integrated circuit market grows steadily. LED industry’s blossom acquires a higher requirement of LED devices. Semiconductor devices like die bonder are in huge demand with time changing. The rapid development of IPC provides support to satisfy semiconductor industry. Thus, the utilization of reliable and special computer, processed and machine technology are widely used in the die bonder industry. These technologies improve the level of automation of LED die bonder, which optimizes the accuracy, speed and human-computer interaction of the LED devices.


Many LED automation device suppliers in Shenzhen choose to partnership with Norco for die bonder’s computer control system. These suppliers have been working on the LED die bonder for many years with strong research strength, technology and financial supports. They selected Norco’s 4U industrial computer as the control computer due to the high performance of Norco’s 4U industrial computer.

System Advantage:


LED die bonder system’s movement control implemented by servo motor and stepping motor, while the movements of motor controlled by special industrial computer. Special industrial computer is essential to LED die bonder system, mainly monitoring human-computer interaction and control system, and sending movement instruction. It can effectively deal with the information from the control card to make sure the accuracy detection of machine position and operation safety.


With the control of special industrial computer based on Windows platform, LED die bonder system can make full use of the hardware resources to process data rapidly. The efficiency of system operation was greatly improved.


System Configuration:


Industrial case: 4U industrial chassis

4U, 19’’ Rackmount, European and American style, conforms to EIARS-310C standard

Can install up to 5x3.5’’disk driver

Lockable front door prevent mistaken operation, 2x USB interface at front

Power and HDD indicator on the front

Special hold-down clamp with adjustable height, Full size CPU card

Support hyper-threading technology’s Socket478 interface, Intel Pentium processor

Intel 865G+ICH chipset

2x184Pin DDR DIMM socket, support dual channel, DDR 266/333/400MHz, up to 2GB

Integrated graphics, dynamic shared memory 96MB is video memory

AC’ 97CODEC, provides speak out, Line-in, Mic-in, CD-in

RTL8100C controller, 1x10/100Mbps RJ45 interface


Back plane: PBP-15P12

Power: PW-300

HDD: 80G

System Comment:


Norco’s system was adopted by system integration company, and it was broadly applied to the LED automation devices. The above example is just one of the successful case of Norco. Norco achieved many important accomplishments in automation control, machine vision, and computer numerical control machine tools, etc. Norco aims to provide high performance product and service to customers. More infortion on Norco website:

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