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NORCO's industrial computer applies in China Sinopec IC card at gas station

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-20

System Overviews:


Recently, Sinopec’s IC card project will cover Sinopec’s branches in more than twenty provinces, two hundred and sixty companies in prefecture-level city, twenty five thousand gas stations in one thousand and three hundred. Sinopec’s IC card project is a national wide construction project in wide range and crossing platform. The appearance of IC card was to achieve the renewal of Sinopec’s refined oil product retail system, making use of the advanced electronic information technology. When the project completes, you can get gas wherever you want with the IC card. The IC card payment replaced the traditional payments like cash and gasoline coupon, and refined oil product retail’s e-payment and the automation of transaction data came to realize with the managing and control system in gas stations. The improvement of technology and service of Gas station thus have high efficiency, lower cost and strong capacity to resist market risks.


System Theory:


The design of Sinopec’s IC card adopts four layers, that is Sinopec head office management center and Sinopec data exchanging center, provincial and prefecture-level city terminals (including county managing terminal, gas station and card store, etc.).


System Application Structure:

-Gas station: Sinopec provides refined oil product and service.

-Card store: Sinopec provides account-opening service, charging, lost and questions service.

-Prefecture-level city front-end system: Sinopec provides data transmitting function to card store, gas station and provincial data center.

- Provincial data center: customer accounts opening and card liquidation (business management and data processing center).

-Provincial management center: Provincial company manages its retail business.

-Prefecture-level city Management center: Prefecture-level city’s companies manage its retail business.

-County management terminal: County’s companies manage its retail business.

-Sinopec’s headquarter: In charge of transactions and in other region instead of local, managing IC card transaction system’s retail business.

System Structure

System Advantage:

In the project of Sinopec’s IC card, the gas station’s monitoring of PC is extremely important. PC monitoring requires a very reliable system. Once breakdown happens to PC monitoring, the operation of gas station will be under influence. Norco provides system platform with industrial design, and wide voltage industrial power to fit in all kinds of hash environments.

Secondly, PC monitoring requires powerful expansion. IC card dispenser connects to PC monitoring via serial ports. Usually there are two to thirtyish IC card dispenser in the gas station. Norco’s system can satisfy the expansion of system, fulfilling the development future demands.

Thirdly, Sinopec chose Turbolinux and Linux as the PC monitoring’s operation system. Therefore, the system should be compatible with Turbolinux and Linux. Norco’s system is good at EMC. Besides, PC monitoring reached national EMC center’s FCC A level. Another reason why Sinopec chose Norco is because Norco had many special designs for consolidating the reliability of system of industrial PC. The reliability of industrial PC is much better than business computer. Comparing to business PC, Norco’s industrial- grade motherboard structure can meet the requirements of on field application and easy maintenance. Business PC will not make special design for vibration, which cannot ensure the performance of hard disk drive. Once hard disk drive and chip card break down because of the disturbance of vibration, hard disk drive will be damaged, and the transaction data will lose. If industrial PC’ s motherboard made into card and put it on the passive backplane, there will be ISA, PCI plug in and passive devices on the passive backplane. Thus, the probability of passive backplane crash is very little. Once the motherboard card is damaged, they only need to pull out the motherboard. System’s MTBF can be shortened as a result. System’s motherboard and adaptor have fixed hold-down strip respectively to prevent PCB board popping out. The damage of hard disk drive can be reduced because of the installation of HDD anti-vibration frame and anti-vibration rubber sheet. Changeable anti-dust mat was installed in front of fan entry to make sure the industrial PC’s performance under the circumstance of high dust.


System Configuration:

Motherboard: (LGA 775 Intel core2 PICMG1.0, full size CPU card)

Chassis: RPC-610L(4U, 19’’ rackmount, European and American style, comply to EIARS-310 standard)

CPU: P4 630(775 pin CPU)

Memory: IG

HDD: 250G*2

Power: PW-360W


System Comment:

Norco’s industrial computer has advantages over high reliability, strong expansion, and good compatibility. Sinopec thinks of highly of Norco’s application solution for IC card in gas station. Norco’s products guarantee system’s stability and efficient operation of Sinopec’s IC card system.

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