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NORCO's RICH-300H used in urban intelligent system

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

Background Introduction:


Imagine the following scene: when you are driving into the crowded city, and heading to shopping mall A, you can design routine to shopping mall A according to the traffic guidance from the traffic LED on the road. Yet there are only less than 200 hundred parking left in commercial district A, you are aware of commercial district A that is full of people. Therefore, you change your way to commercial district B in terms of the parking data from the traffic LED.


You are driving close to commercial district B, you get know all the changes from the traffic LED. All the available parking in every building clearly shows up on the traffic LED. Then you chose the nearest parking lot at ease. When you drive in to the parking lot, you can see the available parking seats on every floor with green light on waiting for you. You chose one parking seat, and the green light turn red, the data on traffic LED updating at the same time. City intelligent guidance system invented by Norco and her partnership was selected to release traffic congestion, facilitate citizen and save energy.


Project Introduction:


City intelligent guidance system consists of parking seat sensor, parking seat indicator, central computer, digital LED, and terminal computer. Data transmission uses TCP/IP protocol. Low cost, high value, good experience and easy maintenance of this city intelligent guidance system is the best solution for intelligent city development.


Hardware Solution:

1.    1. Norco RICH-300H industrial computer set information collection and system management unit for hardware platform. Through installing sensor on every parking seat, RICH-300H will send out order to change parking lot indicator light and available parking seats after receiving information from the sensor, and it will also send all the information to central server via Internet.

2. After analyzing information, RICH-300H will update data to the digital signage terminal through Internet— Norco BIS-6520 as digital signage terminal will renew all the guidance information.


Hardware Platform Configuration:


City intelligent guidance system adopts Norco’s newest invention— Norco RICH-300H industrial computer. RICH-300H built in Norco invented ATX-6951 motherboard is based on Intel Haswell platform, onboard core i5-4430 processor. Processor is in 3.0 clock speed, 6M L3 caches (motherboard is compatible with LGA1150 coreI3, I5, I7 series CPU, easy upgrade), 8G dual channel DDR3 1600MHz. As we all know, Haswell processor uses 22mm semiconductor technology and transistor technology so that performance and efficiency is better. Power consumption is decreased. Upgraded turbo boost 2.0 technology bestows RICH-300H industrial computer’s processing capacity 10% higher than Norco last generation industrial computer based on Intel IVY Bridge.


At the same time, Intel core I5-4430 built in GPU, Clear Video HD Technology and Quick Sync Video to make clearer picture. Faster transcoding speed bring excellent graphic processing capacity for RICH-300H. The overall performance is above two times and 3D performance is one times than the former product. RICH-300H also supports DX11.1, three independent screens to make broader views.  4K HD definition is supported to have exquisite picture. The advanced graphic technology provides powerful support for video processing, HD display and video playback.


Haswell platform supports dual channel DDR3-1600 and PI-E 3.0x16 bus, which gives RICH-300H powerful data process capacity and more powerful expansion capacity. 2Gigabit Ethernet, 3PCI expansion slot, 2xPCI-E X8 expansion slot, 1xPCI-E X4 expansion slot, 1xPCI-E X1 expansion slot, 10xCOM expansion interface, 14 USB interface, 6xSATA interface and 1LPT interface are supported. It can meet demands of financial field, security system, intelligent transportation and other fields.


The improvement of Haswell platform on power management and thermal design power coordinates with Norco’s energy saving and reasonable industrial design makes power consumption of Norco RICH-300H descends more than 30%. RICH-300H stands out as green energy saving representative. It contributes to low power consumption and low cost of intelligent transportation, financial field, security system and other industrial computer application field.


Customer Comment:


The application of city intelligent guidance system effectively releases city congestion, reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency.  City intelligent guidance system is the best solution for intelligent city development.

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