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NORCO Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

Project Introduction:

In order to build a more intelligent and hi-tech transportation system, bus group in China partnerships with Norco to establish intelligent bus all-in-on service system, serving public in a more effective way.

Project will be able to track buses, lines, and manage predications of arriving buses, information releases, gas situation, and lines allocations. In this way, buses management, human resources and force resources will be optimized. Intelligent bus system will thus lower the cost, improve service for passengers, and facilitate passengers being aware of the condition.

Project Requirements:

Bus group wish they can manage and monitor all the buses, including bus lines, passenger flow data, real-time monitoring, speed alert, gas management, scheduling, dispatching, and picture transmission. Every bus can have automatic voice reminder, characters and pictures displaying and WIFI.

Implementation of the Project:

1. Norco use 3G/4G network and satellite to transfer relative data, solving data circulation according to widespread bus group, frequent flow of buses and multi bus locations.
2. Norco installs multimedia equipment(integration of in-vehicle server, player, power amplifier, and video surveillance)to track every bus.
3. Digital signage equipment on every station is placed. Automatic ticketing equipment will not only advertise to people but also will display all the running bus information. Public do not have to wait and doing nothing.
4. Establishing control center in the bus dispatching to receive all the information from the bus.

Project Illustration:


Project Summary:

1.    Intelligent bus system will save unnecessary gas cost under dispatching center.
2.    Equip people’s life with hi-technology on transportation service.


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