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Norco Embedded Computer Applies in Asian Electronic Police System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

System Summary:


In order to guarantee a safe transportation of Asian Games, intelligent transportation management system was applied to help. Over six hundreds electronic police are deployed to capture license plate number and illegal driving. Police is able to monitor and manage specific transportations of locations like toll station, check point and parking lot, decrease violations and traffic accidents and ensuring a safe transportation for of Asian Games.


System Theory:


Electronic police take pictures through triggering signals of detecting the fluctuations of magnetic flux and parameters of lanes. Data will be transferred to management center via front-end industrial computer after data acquisition card processing pictures instantly. At the same time, relevant parameters will be added to the violation database. As a result, police can combine violation data and vehicle information from management center to manage transportation task.


System Requirements:

1.Low Power Consumption and High Reliability

Embedded design is needed, low power dissipation, strong reliability, powerful functions, easy installation and maintenance.


2.HD Picture Capture of Vehicle

System can take HD picture, reflecting 24 hours nonstop recording according to real time traffic status.


3. Detection Function

System can monitor and detect vehicle without people on duties


4. Transfer and Storage

System should have good compatibility, supporting storage and network transmission. System can take violation picture and storage on local host, or upload to the Internet


5.Anti-harsh Environment

Strong characteristic of anti-dust, anti-humidity/high temperature makes sure stable running of the system


Advantage of Norco Electronic Police Host:

If the system uses whole sealing structure and fan design, when the cooling fan is broken, heat cannot be expel, host will be damaged. At the same time, operating fan in a long time will bring humidity and dust into the host. The reliability will be affected by this. Therefore, Norco adopts INCEFIN fan-less design solution for Electronic Police Host. Fan-less Host will isolated humidity and dust, and it runs quietly. As a result, host can operates continuously and steadily even when no one is on duty.


Norco Electronic Police Host is based on Intel 945GSE+ICH7M chipset, onboard Intel Atom N270 processor, memory up to 2GB DDRII400/533MHz. It provides 2COM interface, 2USB interface, 1 WLAN interface, 1PCI socket(can expand to 2PCI devices), supporting DVI/VGA display output.


System provides two sets of PCI socket, which can connect to two video capture cards. One video capture card can connect to 4 cameras, which can meet the demands of a crossroad’s surveillance. IP camera’s data images will be transferred to Norco Electronic Police Host via Internet, then to server center. Intelligent programming on Norco’s host analyze detection traffic light signals and vehicle detection serial ports, and then analyze whether vehicle violates traffic rules. If vehicle did, photo will be taken. Norco Electronic Police Host’s integration VGA and DVI interface can connect to display devices. WLAN interface can achieve instant transmission between data and control center server. Built in Compact Flash card socket and 2.5’’ HDD card socket will be able to set any kinds of customized operating system and storage data on local host when communication is not in good condition.


System Illustration:


System Comments:


Considering the entire extreme conditions the transportation surveillance system might run into during operation, Norco chose self-owned brand ICEFIN structure to design a compact, fan-less, excellent cooling and rich interfaces electronic police surveillance system. Norco’s electronic police surveillance was selected by system integrator to apply successfully to Asian Games.

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