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NORCO X86 series embedded products are amazing at fleet management system

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

Have you ever waited a bus for an hour but it turned out that the bus has changed its routine without notification. You waited and waited yet you still see nothing. I am sure most of people ran into this type of situation. If there can be a board inform passengers the instant information of when the bus will come like the airport information board do, passengers will have more convenience choice for transportation.


System Summary:

Subway facilitates people in the city, and bus still plays an important role in transportation, yet bus information system is not complete at all. Bus station only shows map. No further information is available for passengers. Bus management system will help passengers know more about instant bus information. At the same time, system can monitor drivers to prevent accidents from reporting mistakes spontaneously. In this way, Bus management system can make the bus serve the most people with the least time. System integrator adopts Norco’s bus management system based on X86 platform.


System Theory:

Bus management system combines communication data, operator, and driver’s voice communication. Buses will be installed GPS. Led information board on the bus station will display how long will take the bus to come.  System consists of X86 platform embedded system hardware compatible with GPS/GIS, and GSM/GPRS. LCD output interface, GSM/GPRS antenna, WIFI antenna, SIM card socket, CF card socket, audio output interface, customized LED display and other accessories are needed.


System Requirements:

1.  1. Compact structure, low power consumption

System will operate most of the time during a day so a good bus management system is supposed to consume low power, operating for a long time to achieve information transmission, GPS, recording, data analytics function.

2.  2. Rich interface, great compatibility

Bus management system needs to connect to microphone and output/input device. Therefore, output/input channels on motherboard are needed.

3.  3. Anti-high temperature, anti-vibration, anti-dust

Bus will run under bumpy roads in the long time and breakdowns happen. Therefore, special demands are required for reliability and durability of the system.


System Advantage:


Bus management system adopts Norco X86 embedded hardware platform with compact structure. X86 is based on Atom N450/D410 processor with power dissipation of 20W. It has rich interfaces. Up to 4Mini-PCIE interface, 1WLAN/WIFI module, 1 MiniPCIE interface’s SSD card socket, two 3G module socket, 2 SIM card, microphone interface, and output/input channels on motherboard are supported. The practical features enable Norco X86 platform become system integrator’s choice. Norco X86 as part of the bus management system will make driver get to know GPS information, speed, traffic, warnings and other customized information. Efficiency of operation will be significantly increased. Passengers will be able to know the time of arriving buses, which gives passengers the best choice of choosing public transport and a quality life.


-System Hardware: X86 platform embedded computer (can have built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS module), two antennas

-GPS software: GIS and GPS

-Communication Software: GSP/GPRS software on Telemetry application

System Illustration:

System Comment:


Norco launched embedded computer with ICEFIN fanl-less design according to system integrator’s requirements. X86 platform has passed temperature test. Low power consumption, rich interface, high anti-vibration, and anti-dust, etc. are advantages of X86 platform. These advantages guarantee the reliability of X86.

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