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NORCO subway PIS system solutions

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-12-17

Application Backgrounds:


Transportation likes Metro, light rail, and high-speed train has played an essential role in people’s daily life. Citizens use rail transportation above 56 minutes in average everyday in China. Citizens in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen will spend more time on rail transportation. Therefore, how to make sure rail transportation meet citizen’s requirements of transportation becomes a big project.


System Summary:


PIS with WLAN and other technologies make the limited space of metro become an entertainment heaven. It can not only display passenger cautions and timetables but also can shows dynamic information like stock information, news, live competition broadcast and ads. If emergency like fire or attack, dynamic urgent evacuation reminder is provided. Therefore, PIS system ensures safety of metro as well as relaxation for passengers.


System Function:

1.     1. TV relay

2.     2. Instant information spot

3.     3. Intelligent broadcast

4.     4. Signal and data transmission

5.     5. Overall management of system


Advantages of PIS System:

1.    1. Vibrations caused by the fast speed subway are problems for system’s operation. In order to deal with the tightness issue of traditional PIS system socket, Norco used aviation plugs creatively to resist vibrations.

2.    2. Norco applies network transmission technology to PIS product to solve problems that traditional computer brought: short transmission distance, low quality of dynamic video, delay update of ads and shows. With PIS, subway is capable of surveillance of playing content, and achieves new network broadcasting.

3.    3. PIS system can operate 24 hours a day in a long term with no faults, and it does not need manual maintenance for years. It is qualified to work under the harsh application environment like all kinds of tunnels.

4.    4. Limited serial ports of traditional PIS restrict other devices’ connections, system expansion and update. Various full size CPU card applying to Norco’s PIS system have 10xCOM in average. It can strongly improve expansion flexibility.

Network Topology:

Configuration of PIS System

1.     1.Products: standard industrial computer + decoding card + video capture card

2.     2. Applicable platforms: streaming media NORCO-890/880/870

3.     3. Applicable advertisements playing: NORCO-6850/6830



System Comment:

1.     1. High anti-vibration, accommodate to tunnel environment

2.     2. High expansion capacity, easy operation and maintenance

3.     3. Embedded low power consumed CPU motherboard on main plate decrease faults caused by the heat, and reliability of system can thus be consolidated.

4.     4. Excellent performance brought great deals to customers



Norco’s PIS system was successfully applied to No.10 subway line in Beijing. With fine product, innovation and quality service, Norco accomplishes great work for No.10 subway line PIS system. Currently, Norco has provided hardware for multi-media information of subway lines to facilitate customers’ lives. More than one million citizens are gaining subway information through integrated passenger service system of Norco products.

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