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The Application of NORCO MITX-6111 in Vending Machine Equipment

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-09-25

With the continuous development of modern society, China's economic rapidly developing, and people's living standards improving constantly, people's spending power has been greatly improved. The sale of some of the traditional form has failed to meet people's consumption habits. 7 × 24 hours at any time convenient to buy, especially some young people gather, such as schools, railway stations, subways, convention centers and other high traffic density areas, many people have used to buy goods in vending machines. For the new generation of 90 even after 00, this new approach seems to be more attractive. Conform to the trend of consumption habits will eventually be formed quickly vending machines have a wide range of market needs.

High venue rental, rising labor costs, too stationary mode of operation is accelerating the phase-out of some of the traditional mode of operators. Sale terminal automation future’s trends have matured, whether manufacturing, services or retail. We will see more devices to replace the manual. In such a big trend, the vending machine industry has a very bright market prospects.

NORCO as the IPC’s leading brands, utilizing the latest Intel chip platform for vending machines to solve the performance requirements of overall system solutions industry, specializing in tailor-made embedded motherboard MITX-6111 for the industry, this board functions quite well integrated, high stability, scalability, and many vending machine equipment manufacturers love it.


<一> System Benefits

NORCO embedded motherboard MITX-6111, support for Intel Gen5 i3 / i5 / i7 processor, low power consumption, fanless design to meet the self-service terminal equipment system cooling requirements, improve the system in a variety of complex and harsh environments maintaining stable operation 24 hours a day. Advanced CPU technology doomed system has excellent processing capability, Intel HM97 chipset the platform to adapt to self-service terminal system under high load in the normal operation of all types of environments. MITX-6111 has 2x VGA, 1x LVDS, 2x HDMI, supporting independent five significant support hardware reset function, 5x COM , 2x SATA ports, 10xUSB ,for system expansion and to upgrade provides a broad space. Also support for WiFi, the default installation mSATA SSD card functions, real-time data network upload, more timely and effective device for vending machines for statistics, management, and greatly improve the efficiency of the device.

<二>MITX-6111 Supported Equipment Diagram

<三> Product Features

Product Type



Intel Gen5 i3/i5/i7


Intel HM97


2x dual channel SO-DIMM slot, DDRIII 1066/1333/1600MHz supportmemory up to 16GB

1x slot (single maximum support 8GB)



Super I/O

ITE 8783 I/O


1×LAN 10/100/1000Mbps, RTL8111F network chip

Graphics Controller

Processor embedded GPU


Support 2x VGA1x LVDS2x HDMIsupport five independent display



LINE IN; MIC IN, Speak out


5x COM (COM1 standard DB9 connector, COM2-COM5 for 2 × 5Pin interface, support RS232)

2x SATA (2 of 7 Pin SATA standard interface, two 1X2Pin hard drive supply voltage interface)

10 x USB (2x USB 3.0 , 8x USB2.0 , including 2 standard USB2.0 interface and 6x USB2.0 interface provided y by three white 2 X5pin 2. 00mm socket)

1x PS / 2

Expansion Interface

1x MINI PCIeOptional,support WifimSATA SSD card functions

1x PCIEX16


8Bits GPIO

Watchdog Timer

Super I/OSupport for hardware reset function

Fan connector

1x 4Pin CPU Fan connector+1x 3Pin CPU Fan connector


ATX 20Pin power supply


Operating Temperature-20℃~70

Storage Temperature-40℃~85

Operating Humidity

5%95% relative humidity, Non-condensing


170mmx 170mm


In China, people who living in large city such as Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen is no stranger to the vending machine. In 1999, it began to enter the Chinese market. Now, in airports, subways, shopping malls, parks, schools, factories, hospitals, game room, mahjong parlors, theaters and other places large passenger flow, a growing number of vending machines is appearing. Customers simply insert ¥5 , ¥10 , ¥20  banknotes or coins, then you can easily buy such beverages, chewing gum and other small commodities. As an avant-garde retail, vending machines become a welcome.

According to statistics, the world's largest auto sales market - Japan, own 5.6 million vending machines which sell as many as 6,000 kinds of commodities, and the annual turnover is 7112.2 billion yen. Each year, the equivalent of only beverage sales 159.3 billion RMB, according to population, every 23 people has a vending machine, and the average per capita consumption in the vending machines up 56,000 yen. As the country owing the world's largest population, we will have more than this number of market environment. Vending machine products in the domestic market has a very large market space for development. NORCO launch embedded motherboard MITX-6111, for a variety of vending machines localization to provide more comprehensive solutions to improve the domestic market share and product performance for vending machine manufacturers, and it has played a strong impetus effect.

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