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NORCO Embedded Computer Applies in the Automotive Television System

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

Background Introduction:


In-vehicle TV bloom is blooming over the past years. Except for buses, in- vehicle electronic devices are widely used in coach, taxi, railways and light rail, etc. The price of cars in domestic market declines. Therefore, people have bigger desire to buy cars. This shows the bright future that in- vehicle TV system brings.


System Summary:


With the application of wireless network, in- vehicle TV as a new type electronic devices are more and more popular. In-vehicle TV system is a type of in-vehicle device to receive and play digital program. It cannot only provides diverse entertainment programs but also provides all types of information those drivers or passengers might need.


System Requirements:


Vehicles will need to run on bumpy roads, extreme weathers or other unpredictable environments. A good in- vehicle TV system should possess good anti-vibration capability, high/low temperature resistance, and humidity resistance advantages to adjust to environments. System thus can be ensured to play without breakdown. Owing to the limited space that a car has, in- vehicle applications are supposed to be small, light and in low power dissipation.




Norco BIS-6610 as motherboard of in- vehicle TV system will play an essential role in controlling. High reliability, compact design, strong expansion, good compatibility, and low power consumption are the features of BIS-6610 and the features that clients wish to see. Norco BIS-6610 utilizes quiet fan-less design, supporting VGA/DVI/TV display module. It provides SD card reader, 4xUSB2.0 interfaces, VGA, TV-out, DVI, 5.1CH audio, and 1serial port.


BIS-6610 Features:

Compact design, quiet low voice fan-less design

Support FSB 533/667MHz’s socket 479 Intel Core 2 Duo/Core Duo/Celeron M super low power consumed processor

Built-in laptop HDD frame, can install 1SATA2/Mini-IDE laptop HDD

Support VGA/DVI/TV display mode

Mini PCI expansion slot, WLAN card(optional)

SD card reader/Type2 Compact Flash/ Mini-PCI


System Advantage:


High reliability, system can adapt to extreme environment, operation with no breakdown for a long period

Low power consumed processor with no cooling fan when is operated

Excellent graphic display function, supporting VGA/DVI/TV display mode

Ideal expansion ability, provide connections for peripheral

Easy Operation, support Compact Flash card

Compact and small structure makes the system fit into all kinds of installations


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