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NORCO embedded board used in B-diagnostic apparatus

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-05-22


Project Overview

With the rapid development of medical devices and so is the economy, advanced technology, continuous improvement of people's lives posed a great demand on  health care, pushed by the trend, the scatheless checking device is getting famous.  Harmless, high sensitivity, wide range of applications, low cost and easy to operate etc are the unique advantages of ultrasound imaging device. B-diagnostic apparatus has been widely used in all levels of hospitals as a result of high-speed development, large-capacity of intelligent industrial computer technology.

Accompanied with rapid development of computer information technology and clinical diagnosis and treatment, the quality requirements of B-mode ultrasound images is increasing. As a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, NORCO has roots medical electronics field, exert its strengths in industrial computer hardware technology, devots to put its embedded industrial motherboard which features compact, rich I/O, low power consumption, wide temperature range, high stability running in medical electronics industry at both home and overseas, which effectively increasing the overall performance and competitive advantage for B-ultrasonic system.


Working Principle

B-mode ultrasound diagnostic apparatus utilizing pulse-echo imaging technology, it mainly  composed of control circuit, transmitting circuit, receiving circuit (high-frequency signal amplifier, video signal amplifier), sweep generator, image display (electron gun, deflection system, screen) and transducer.
Control circuit known as synchronous trigger, it  generates synchronous trigger pulse signal periodically, trigger transmitting circuit and scan generator timebase scanning circuit respectively.
Transmitting circuitgenerating a high frequency electric pulse excitation transducer when triggered by a synchronization signal.
Network Topology:




Nowadays, data collection, analysis, storage and display have been put forward higher requirements due to the continuous improvement of medical devices,NORCO 's embedded motherboards features compact, powerful performance, low power, multi-port and highly prised by numerous domestic and foreign medical equipment suppliers, 
Considering the speical performance requirements of  medical devices, NORCO released a series of products all possessed powerful computing capabilities and more stable reliability, low power consumption, no pollution to achieve better environmental requirements.

EMB-4850 features:
◆ Supports Intel Core 2 Duo processor
◆ Intel 945GM + ICH7M chipset based
◆ 2x 200PIN dual channel DDRII SO-DIMM DDRII 533 / 667MHz,  up to 2GB
◆ integrated Intel 945GM graphics controller supports VGA, LVDS, TV-OUT output, supports dual independent display
◆ Realtek ALC8887.1 channel High Definition Audio
◆ 2 x Realtek 8111B Gigabit PCIE_1X network controller 
◆ 2x COM / 4x USB / 2x SATAⅡ / 2x LAN / PC104 +
EMB-4850 Interface Drawing



1. High Reliability: Intel Core 2 Duo processor based, effectively enhance the data processing capability, combined with NORCO strict work style, strict product quality control, rigorous testing guarantees a longlife to the product runs stable under harsh environments.
2. Rich Interface: 2x COM / 4x USB / 2x SATAⅡ / 2x LAN / PC104 +, powerful expansion, fully meet the requirements of various  system applications.
3. Low power consumption: unique thermal design, no noise, reduce system failure due to overheat.
4. Display: North Bridge integrated graphics controller, VGA + LVDS, TV-OUT + LVDS supports dual independent display


NORCO products family, particularly aim for the special needs of the medical industry, with small size, high reliability, low power, multi-port, etc., always a stunning point once released, in use, it effectively promote medical devices to intelligent, professional, compact, environmentally friendly. Resort to its expert advantage , NORCO product family also step into range  nuclear magnetic resonance, monitors, blood analyzers, anorectal treatment, infrared treatment for breast, uterine cavity, vagina imager, multi-parameter temporary protection device, mobile medical diagnostic computer Systems (car care), compute scalpel etc. 

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